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Rocket League: How to Enable/Disable Voice Chat (New Update)

Rocket League’s Patch v2.15 sees the return of the Voice Chat feature after being removed from the game a few months back. However, some players are annoyed by it since it’s turned on by default.




Due to Rocket League being an eSports game, quick communication and teamwork have become essential in order for a team to win. However, the removal of the Voice Chat feature in the game has only made it even harder for them to communicate with each other.

Even in pub matches where players play against other players from all around the world, their means of communicating with their teammates is via third-party programs, particularly Discord. Luckily, Patch v2.15 aims to resolve this dilemma by bringing back the Voice Chat feature months after its removal.

The problem is that it is turned on by default, so players opting to not use this feature might find it annoying. Luckily, you can turn off the feature with just a few simple steps.

How to Turn Off Voice Chat (New Update) in Rocket League

Source: Oogweii

To turn off Voice Chat in the game, you’ll need to head to the game’s Settings, then head over to the Chat tab. Under the Voice Chat Settings, you’ll see the Enable Voice Chat option. Simply uncheck the box, and it should be turned off immediately. It’s that simple.

Options to Consider if You Choose to Enable Voice Chat

Now, there are a handful of other options there if you wish to use the feature instead. You have the Push to Talk option which only lets you talk to your team or party if you press a specific keybind. You can also choose whether to enable Voice Chat for your party or your team.

Meanwhile, in the Audio tab, you can find the setting for the Voice Chat volume. You might want to configure this if you think the volume is either too high or too low. Lastly, in the Control tab, you can change the keybind for the Push to Talk option.

This way, your party or team can only hear you whenever you press the associated keybind.

Source: Oogweii

On the other hand, if you want to mute specific players during the game, you can head over to the Voice Channel tab, select the player you want to mute, then select the Mute option.

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