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Rocket League: New Best Controller Settings Guide That Will Improve Your Gameplay

If you want to play competitive and go pro in Rocket League this 2022, then you’d want to make sure your controller is configured properly.




Rocket League is a fun-filled game that has a pretty healthy competitive scene. However, if you want to remain competitive in matches, you’ll have to make sure that your controller is configured properly to make the most out of the game.

If that’s what you’re after, then I highly suggest you read this article. Let’s get started.

New Best Controller Settings Guide that Will Improve Your Gameplay in Rocket League

The very first settings you’ll want to tinker with are the camera settings. First off, you’ll want to turn off Camera Shake and increase your FOV (field of view) to 110 to allow you to have a far better vision of your surroundings.

Next, you’ll want to set your Camera Distance to 270. The meta setting that is used by a lot of pros is roughly around 260 to 280, so 270 is kind of like a middle ground. As for the height, the meta is around 90 to 100, so then again, you’ll want to set yours to 100.

Then for the Angle, set it to -4 and for the Stiffness, set it to .5. The Swivel Speed will affect the speed at which your camera pitches around the field, so you’d want to set it somewhere between 5 and 10. Lastly, you’d want to set the Transition Speed to between 1 and 1.4

Controller Settings

Now that we’re done with the Camera Settings, let’s now move on to the settings for your controller. In Rocket League, sensitivity matters a lot as it can either make or break your gaming experience. There are two sensitivity settings in the game: Steering and Aerial sensitivity.

What you’d want to know is that accuracy matters a lot more than quickness while on the ground, which is why you’d want to set your Steering sensitivity anywhere between 1.2 and 1.4. Ideally, your Steering sensitivity should be lower than your Aerial sensitivity.

Now that we’ve done the sensitivity part, the next thing we’ll be covering are the keybinds. What you should keep in mind is that when keybinding, a lot of them could work while the others are a bit harder to learn, let alone master.

To start, you’d want to bind your Drive Forward, Drive Backwards, Steer Right, and Steer Left controls to the left analog stick. Also, you’ll want to bind your Boost at the back of your controller, either in the L1/L2 or R1/R2 buttons.

By doing so, you’re freeing up a lot of buttons which then allows you to control your aerial and jump input using your thumb while letting your pointer or middle finger to control boost.

Some Advanced Settings

These Advanced settings will likely improve your gaming experience, but they might also affect the way you play the game. Ideally, you want to turn everything off except for Transparent Goal Posts as this will let you see up and out of your net at all times.

The other settings that don’t have a toggle can be switched to Performance mode instead.

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