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Dead by Daylight: Chapters 24 & 25 Leaks and Rumors

Chapters 24 and 25 of Dead by Daylight aren’t even out yet, but a lot of leaks and rumors have already surfaced on the internet.




New leaks and rumors for Dead by Daylight have found their way to the internet, and fans of the game couldn’t be any more surprised. According to these leaks, we’re going to expect new killers coming, with the one for Chapter 24 going to celebrate the game’s 6th year anniversary.

These leaks are for upcoming Chapters 24 and 25, and they bring along a handful of new stuff and things that players will look forward to. Let’s have a look at what the leaks say.

Chapters 24 & 25 Leaks and Rumors in Dead by Daylight

The leaks were shared on Reddit, and they seem to reveal a bunch of new killers to the game. Since we’ll be covering two chapters, let’s talk about them separately starting with Chapter 24.

Chapter 24 Leaks

According to the leak which was shared by Reddit user u/TimeLordAlexx, a new killer by the name of The Dredge will be making its debut this May 17 which is in line with the game’s 6th year anniversary.

It also revealed the killer’s new abilities, with its main power having the theme of darkness. Meanwhile, it looks like its special ability, Nightfall, lets The Dredge builds up a meter that will allow it to enhance its abilities and flood the map in “total darkness” when filled.

The leak has revealed what The Dredge looks like. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s going to be a long-mouthed monster which is a hybrid of the Demogorgon but with a mouth similar to that of The Blight. Suffice to say, it’s the most inhuman killer in the game so far once it gets released.

Aside from The Dredge, the leak also revealed a new survivor named Haddie Kaur, though there’s not much information regarding that part except that she’s an Indian psychic investigator. There’s also a new map that resembles The Thompson House, as well as an event that will feature challenges for both survivors and killers.

More information will be revealed come May 17 when the game officially announces this update.

Chapter 25 Leaks

The leaks for Chapter 25 have been shared by Reddit user u/Glamarchy. According to the leaks, Chapter 25 will introduce characters from Resident Evil, making it the second crossover event. These characters were revealed to be Ada Wong and Rebecca Wong who will join as survivors, as well as Albert Wesker who will join as a killer.

The leaker also revealed a tiny bit of information for Chapter 26 which includes an unknown survivor and a killer who was simply called Knight. As of now, there’s not much going on regarding the leaks, but we can expect more information to come sooner or later.

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