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NBA 2K23: How to Wear Hat Backwards

It won’t protect you from the sun, but you’ll look great.




NBA 2k23 is a basketball videogame developed by Visual Concepts. Despite the 23 in its name, it’s actually the 24th NBA 2k game in the series.

Being about basketball, it wouldn’t cross the mind of many new players to think there’s an option to wear hats in the first place – but NBA 2k23 has just more than basketball games. Find here how to wear hats and if you like, to put them backward.

How to Wear Hat Backwards in NBA 2K23

The first thing you’ll set out to do is going to the New Era store. Approach the man behind the counter and press the X button to open up the store menu.

Image Credit: GosuNoob

Explore the multiple caps to see which one you like the best. Of course, you’ll need money to buy. After you’re done with your buy, open your start menu and move to the right until you’re in the MyPLAYER tab.

From the multiple options that appear, you’ll want to Select The City one. This will get you to a window with options to change your Top, Vest, Dress Shirt, Blazer, Bottom, Head, Headphones, Backpack and Baseball Cap Style 1, besides others.

Image Credit: GosuNoob

The option you want is below all of these. Baseball Cap Style 1 will open up a window where you can equip your recently bought hat (and any others you had beforehand), but it’ll be forward-facing. If you want to wear it backwards, get to Baseball Cap Style 2. You’ll have to ‘equip’ the hat again even if your player already appears to be using it for the hat to take change.

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