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NBA 2K23: How to Shoot | Shooting Timing Guide

Learning how to shoot is one of the basics of any NBA 2K game, and in NBA 2K23, it all boils down to proper shooting timing.




Now that NBA 2K23 has finally been released, fans of the series are eager to try the game out. As with every release of an NBA 2K game, there will always be new features that get added to the game. But for beginners, they have to start learning the basics.

One of the basics of any NBA 2K game is shooting, and it’s by learning how to shoot that you can win games and even the championship.

That said, shooting in NBA 2K23 is all about proper timing, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.

How to Shoot | Shooting Timing Guide in NBA 2K23

Unlike the previous NBA 2K games where the shooting meter moved a lot faster, 2K23 will require you to hold the button for a bit longer. This also means that the margin for error when releasing a shot is a lot smaller.

Now, to increase your chances of successfully shooting the game, you have to release the ball once the meter is full to the brim. You don’t want to release it a bit too early or too late, as doing so will only cause you to miss your shot for the most part.

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This also applies to shooting from the free throw line as you’ll mostly have to hold the button for a bit longer.

The button you have to press will depend on the platform you’re playing on. It would be Square for PlayStation, X for Xbox, and Numpad 5 for PC.

Another factor that can affect your shooting accuracy is your stamina. The less stamina you have, the more likely you will miss your shot. While you can still make a successful shot, the chances are very slim.

There’s also a setting that you can find in the game’s Settings menu called Shot Timing Release Time. This setting basically allows you to choose whether to shoot the ball Very Early, Early, Late, or Very Late.

It provides you with more flexibility as to when you should take a shot. It can also increase your chances of making consistent Green Shots depending on the setting.

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