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NBA 2K23: How to Unlock Rebirth and 4 Badges

Unlock Rebirth and more badges by completing a quest!




NBA 2K23 has recently been released, and some players are already in the late stages of the game. Some players already have a full roster of their favorite players. There are even some that already did a Rebirth. We are going to show you how to unlock Rebirth and 4 badges in NBA 2K23.

How to Unlock Rebirth and 4 Badges in NBA 2K23

Rebirth is a quest that allows you to create a new MyPlayer with free badge points. It also gives you the chance to earn higher attribute max.

To complete it, however, you need to do a series of tasks. The key to finishing the quest is to find Ronnie2K, an NPC you must encounter multiple times throughout the mission.

The Rebirth Quest

The Rebirth quest is immediately unlocked when you start the NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode. You are going to find Ronnie2K 4 times, and he is going to give you a task each time.

The first task is to reach 65 OVR. Once you complete it, go back to Ronnie 2K and unlock both him and Sophie Tee. Ronnie2K’s first location is next to a dumpster, on the left of the North Side Knights building.

The second location is in the mall, just outside of the Embellish Store. The next task is to reach 75 OVR, which rewards you with the spawn point selection perk.

Ronnie2k’s third location is in front of the 2K buildings. It is not that far from the first location. You need to have an 88 OVR for this task, which rewards you with the ability to take off your shirt.

The last location is found at the entrance of the South City Vipers, with the final task of reaching 90 OVR and the Rebirth ability as the reward.

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