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Gundam Evolution: How to Unlock Mobile Suit Units | Free and Paid Method Guide

Get more Mobile Suits for you to play with.




If you are one of those who watch the Gundam anime series or collect and build Gunpla, then Gundam Evolution is the game for you. It is an online free-to-play FPS game, but instead of people, you are going to control Mobile Suits. We are going to show you how you can unlock more Mobile Suit units.

How to Unlock Mobile Suit Units, Free and Paid Method Guide in Gundam Evolution.

Gundam Evolution is actually more similar to Call of Duty than Valorant or CSGO in terms of FPS games. It has a game mode called Point Capture, where you need to attack and capture the points on the map; Domination, where both teams will capture three points on the map; and Destruction, where teams are going to activate or stop a weapon of mass destruction.

There are 12 free Mobile Suits in the game that you can obtain, and there are 5 more that are locked.

Obtaining More Mobile Suit Units

The 5 remaining Mobile Suits are the Marasai [UC], Gundam Exia, Mahiroo, Zaku II [Melee], and Unicorn Gundam. EVO Coins are real-money currency, while Capital is the free currency in the game. There are three methods to obtain these Mobile Suits:


One of the ways to unlock these Mobile Suits is to get Capital by completing the Beginner’s Challenge. The Beginner’s Challenger lasts for 7 days and you can obtain 300 Capital per day. The Standard Season Pass will also reward you with Capital.

Paid Way

If you buy the Premium Season Pass for 990 EVO Coins you are going to get 990 EVO Coins from the Premium Pass rewards.

EVO Coins

If you plan to invest in the game to buy EVO coins, and use them to buy the remaining Mobile Suits, you can just buy the DX edition to unlock all of the remaining Mobile Suits, which also include Legendary Skins.

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