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Gundam Evolution: Best Mobile Suits to Use | Abilities and Ultimates Breakdown

The new upcoming shooter Gundam game features a handful of mobile suits you can use. Let’s have a look at all of them alongside their abilities and ultimates.




Gundam Evolution is an upcoming shooter game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios and is set to release sometime this year. As of now, the game is still undergoing Network Test, so there’s not much information going around about the game.

However, there are information regarding the various Mobile Suits you can in Gundam Evolution. As of now, there are a total of 14 Mobile Suits, each with its own specialties and unique abilities. Let’s have a look at each of them so you can determine which is the best Mobile Suit to use depending on your playstyle.

Pale Rider

The Pale Rider or Unit RX-80PR is a mobile suit that’s been developed by the Earth Federation Forces. It uses the rapid-fire Bullpup Machine Gun to take down its enemies at mid-range.


  • EMP Grenade – Throws a grenade that slows down enemy movement in a small area
  • Hand Grenade – Deals decent damage to all targets within a small area
  • Repair Pod – Deploys a device that heals allies over time within a small area


  • G Maneuver – Boosts your movement speed and weapon performance for a short period


Likewise known as RX-78-2, Gundam is developed by the Federation to take part in Operation V. It features remarkable performance in mid-ranged combat using the Beam Rifle which has a limited recoil but very poor accuracy.


  • Gundam Shield – Deploys a shield that lasts for a set duration or until reaches its damage absorption threshold
  • Hyper Hammer – Throws a Hyper Hammer to stun, knockback, and even guardbreak your target. Also deals decent damage


  • Super Napalm – Throws a napalm grenade that deals massive damage in a small area after a short period

Zaku II (Ranged)

Zaku II is a mass-produced suit by the Principality of Zeon that boasts a versatile design. The Zaku II uses the Zaku Machine Gun to deal damage at close range.


  • Smoke Discharger – Puffs a cloud of smoke to conceal yourself and become immune to damage for a short duration
  • Cracker Grenade – Throws a grenade that damages enemies in a small area, stunning and knocking them back in the process


  • Heat Hawk Slash – Charges toward your target as you swing your Heat Hawk to deal heavy damage and inflict stun

Gundam Barbatos

The Barbatos was developed during the Calamity War and later on become the main weapon used by the Tekkadan. It’s a close-combat suit that uses the Mace for sweeping and smashing attacks.


  • Boost Jump – Performs a forward leap
  • Long Sword – Leaps forward and strikes the ground with your weapon, stunning and damaging enemies in a small area


  • Alaya-Vijnana System – Activate the system to perform up to 3 slashing attacks against enemies in the front


The Sazabi is a close-ranged suit that boasts of a relatively high health pool and features excellent responsiveness, thanks to its revolutionary Psycho-Frame. The suit uses Beam Shot Rifle to deal scattershot damage in a small area.


  • Homing Boost – Charges to a nearby ally or Beam Tomahawk, damaging and knocking back any enemies hit
  • Beam Tomahawk – Throws a Beam Tomahawk to a target, damaging and stunning it briefly
  • Enemy Search – Reveals nearby enemies for a short duration


  • Funnels – Unleashes Funnels to attack your targets continuously for a short period


Developed by the AEUG, Methuss is a transforming mobile suit that can play both as a DPS and support. Methuss uses the Arm Beam Guns to deal damage at mid-range without suffering from accuracy loss.


  • Transform – Switches to a mobile armor which grants the ability to fly for added mobility
  • Twin Shot – Fire powerful beams to deal heavy damage at long range
  • Gun Turret – Deploys a turret that automatically attacks enemies within range


  • Energy Cable – Boost a targeted ally’s damage and damage reduction for a short time

GM Sniper II

Developed by the Federation Forces, the GM Sniper II is capable of sniping targets from a very long range, thanks to its head visor.

It uses the Sniper Rifle that deals heavy damage to enemies, even at a long distance.


  • Jump Booster – Deploys a device that boosts your jumping power
  • Vulcan Pod – Fires at a close-range enemy using your Vulcan Pod
  • Recovery Gun – Revives allies from a long distance


  • Sensor Visor – Reveals where all enemies are located even when they’re behind walls and obstacles


Yet another transforming mobile suit, the Asshimar is capable of sustained flight by assuming a disc-shaped upper body.

It uses the Large Beam Rifle to fire 3-shot bursts at mid-range.


  • Transform – Switches to a mobile armor to allow flight for a certain duration
  • Napalm Grenade – Throws a grenade that deals damage over time on a small area


  • Punch – Charges toward a target, stunning, damaging, and knocking all enemies caught in the path

DOM Trooper

A heavy unit that’s surprisingly mobile, thanks to its leg mounts. The DOM Trooper uses the Giga-Launcher DR1 Mutiplex to deal damage to a small area.


  • Adhesive Sensor Mine – Deploys three proximity mines that explode whenever a nearby gets near their area of effect
  • Armor Gun – Increases an ally’s HP for a short time


  • Screaming Nimbus – Charges toward a target, damaging and knocking back enemies in the path while granting bonus HP to allies for a certain duration

Turn A Gundam

A mobile suit designed with extraordinary technology, Turn A Gundam can accurately shoot enemies from a distance using its Beam Rifle.


  • Nanoskin – Regenerates health for a short time
  • Overhead Throw – Grapples an enemy and throws it into the air, damaging and stunning it after landing


  • Moonlight Butterfly – Flies forward for a short duration, dealing damage to enemies hit by the trail


Featuring a tank-like design, the Guntank is capable of damaging multiple enemies at the same time, thanks to its Bop Missile weapon.


  • Rush – Charges forward, damaging and knocking back enemies in your path
  • Cannon – Fires a slow-moving cannon to deal damage in a medium area
  • High Speed Recovery – Allows you to revive a fallen enemy at a faster rate


  • Launch Core Fighter – Launches a controlled flying unit which you can then detonate to deal heavy damage in a small area


A mass-produced unit, the GM is the cheaper version of RX-78 which uses the Beam Spray Gun to deal damage at close-range without suffering from accuracy loss.


  • Shield Bash – Charges forward with your shield, damaging and knocking back enemies you hit
  • Detonator Bomb – Throws a bomb that can be detonated to damage enemies in a medium area
  • Repair Grenade – Throws a grenade to heal allies in a small area

Gundam Exia

Designed for melee combat, the Gundam Exia is a powerful mobile suit that uses GN Beam Dagger and the chargeable GN Sword to take down enemies from close to mid-range.


  • Quick Step – Leaps a short distance toward the direction you’re facing
  • GN Sword and GN Short Blade – Performs a spinning slash attack to knock back your target and inflict additional stun to already stunned enemies
  • GN Beam Saber – Charges forward to deal damage to enemies in your path


  • Trans-Am – Temporarily switches to Trans-Am mode, changing how your abilities and sub-actions behave


Used during the Gryps Conflict by the Titans, the Marasai is great for medium-range combat, thanks to its Fedayeen Rifle.


  • Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade) – Performs a melee strike on your target, dealing damage and knocking it back at the same time
  • Sea Snake – Fires the Sea Snake at a target to drag it toward you and deal damage while stunning it at the same time


  • Sea Snake (Shock) – Throws a Sea Snake at your targets that deals massive damage and stuns them for a short duration

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