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Grounded: How to Get Shovel

Level up your survival skills and learn how to craft shovel in Grounded.




Grounded is a cooperative game wherein you have to live and survive alongside with your friends while also as small as the tiny insects thriving on land. The goal of this game is for you to explore the vast world of being a small creature and enjoy the company of your friends in this adventurous game storyline.

One of the things that you have to master in order for you to survive and support your life in the backyard is crafting materials. These materials are used by you and your friends to improve your quality of life despite being as small as ants. However, you cannot craft any item without foraging materials.

Among the numerous items that you have, the shovel is one of the most vital equipment that you must have. So, if you still have not crafted it yet in game, here’s how.

This brief guide is created to help you understand everything that you have to do to get the shovel.

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How to Get Shovel in Grounded

Shovels are one of the craftable items that you have in Grounded, specifically the Acorn Shovel. With this, you can dig up grub easily.

However, crafting an acorn shovel is not as easy as just gathering the needed materials. There are still some things that you must perform before that.

Analyze Crude Rope

Before you can proceed with crafting the acorn shovel, you must first learn its blueprint and the materials needed. In order to do that, you must first obtain a Crude Rope. However, a crude rope is not just a material that you can find by searching the ground. Just like the acorn shovel, you must also craft the Crude Rope.

But do not worry that much, it just takes a while in making this. All you have to do is take some Plant Fiber and analyze it in the Field Station. Once you do this, you will get the blueprint for this. With 3 Plant Fiber, you can craft a crude rope by hand. But if you want to use a Spinning Wheel, you will only be needing 1 Plant Fiber.

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Once you already have the crude rope, head to the Field Station again and analyze the crude rope. When done, you will unlock the recipe for acorn shovel which allows you to proceed on the crafting process.

How to Craft an Acorn Shovel

As implied in its name, acorn is obviously one of the most important ingredients in crafting an acorn shovel. However, looking for acorns is actually a risky task for you in-game and in real life if you are afraid of spiders.

Acorns are found in the area wherein the Oak Tree is located. On this site, there are also numerous spiders crawling and creeping everywhere. So, if you are scared of spiders, this is your warning, and go signal to play in safe mode. Otherwise, you have to carry a good-quality weapon with you as a defense.

You will see acorns scattered and buried everywhere on the ground. All you have to is crack open the acorn and pick up its parts. Take note that you will only need 1 shell of acorn.

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Aside from the acorn, you will also need 2 sprigs which you can find anywhere near Plant Fibers. Plus, 1 woven fiber.

After collecting all the needed ingredients, you can easily craft the acorn shovel by hand by going to the Craft tab. Look for the Tools section, and search for the acorn shovel. Once you see it, select Craft at the bottom of the screen. After successfully crafting it, go to the Inventory and transfer it to your Hotpouch.

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