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FIFA 23: How to Do Heel Fake | Skill Move Guide

Bait and Switch, but in football.




Heel Fake is one of FIFA 23’s new Skill Moves. It allows us to quickly change the ball’s direction.

Executing the Heel Fake Skill In FIFA 23

To do Heel Fake you first must get into a standing position – this means, you can’t be moving if you want to execute this Skill Move. To do it, hold L2 (Playstation) | LT (Xbox) and flick the Right Stick towards the left, then the right, or vice versa. Remember, the second Right Stick flick is the direction the ball will go to, and it can be opposite of the direction your controlled character was moving.

You’ll want to use it against charging opponents who are pressuring you a bit too early to clear the way forward or for a pass.

That said, this move feels more like something to use to show-off than anything incredibly effective, especially when you consider it has a 5 star rating.

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