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Aether Gazer Global: How to Reroll

Your starting rolls weren’t satisfying? Time to reset and reroll.




The ability to reroll is a staple of every game with a gacha system and Aether Gazer is no exception to this.

Rerolling in this game will require you to complete the game’s tutorial and claim all of the free currencies possible. The process can take quite a bit, but it can give you a good headstart.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about rerolling in this game.

How to Reroll in Aether Gazer Global

Source: Flux Kairos

Before we begin, we highly recommend that you use a Gmail e-mail account for the rerolling process.

This is because Gmail allows you to “salt” your e-mail address, essentially allowing you to register infinitely with the same account.

Using another e-mail provider will mean that you will need multiple e-mail addresses since there’s no way to delete your Aether Gazer account after creating it.

To “salt” an e-mail address, just add a plus sign with some text after the username.

For example, say that your address is A salted e-mail address based on it would then be

You can do this indefinitely, allowing you to just use the same Gmail account for multiple registrations.

Rerolling in Aether Gazer

With that out of the way, let’s now dive into the actual rerolling process.

First, start the game as normal by tapping on “Tap to start” on the login screen. Input your regular Gmail address to get started.

Start the game’s story and complete “Chapter 0” which is the game’s tutorial, then complete the first two stages of Chapter 1. You will want to stop at Stage 1-2.

As soon as you complete 1-2, the game will force you to take the gacha tutorial by rolling for one character. This is a forced single pull, so you can’t do the x10 roll yet!

After the tutorial, open your profile by tapping your username at the top left of the main menu.

Now tap on the “Achievements” button at the bottom of the screen and claim all of your rewards.

Next, tap on the Missions icon highlighted above and claim all Mission rewards as well.

Remember to also claim Story Mission Progress rewards from the Operations menu!

Also claim the Newcomer Event free rewards, which you can find by tapping the icon highlighted above.

Lastly, open the Shop and claim all of the free Packs available to get your last boost of resources.

With all that done, you should now have enough to do 10 pulls in the Premium banner and 40 pulls in the Regular banner.

Open the Scan menu from the main menu, just like you did with the tutorial earlier, and spend your rolls.

It’s up to you how you pull, but it’s a good idea to pull one by one so you can stop and save your rolls if you get lucky.

How to Reset Your Account to Reroll

If the rolls didn’t get you the Modifier you wanted, it’s time to reset your account so that you can reroll.

Tap on your username on the top left of the main menu to open your profile view.

Now, tap on “User Center” in the bottom right to open the account settings proper.

Choose “Switch Account” and then confirm the action. The game will log you out and send you back to the login screen at the start.

Tap on the screen to open the login window and then tap on the downward arrow next to the account’s e-mail address.

Lastly, tap on the “X” next to the address and choose Confirm to delete the login history for that address.

Now that you are fully signed out of the game, choose to log in with a new account using a salted e-mail address. Remember, this is what we explained at the start!

You will now be back at the start of the game with a fresh account, allowing you to repeat the entire process laid out in the previous section of this guide.

So there you have it, that’s how you can reroll in this game! Repeat this process as many times as you want, though we wish you good luck and that you get the S Rank Modifiers you want without too many rerolls.

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