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Aether Gazer Global: S Rank Standard Modifier | Who To Invest In

Focus on the strongest Modifiers to make your team more powerful!




An S Rank Standard Modifier is an S Rank character that is always available in the regular banner in Aether Gazer Global.

That means that you don’t need to wait for Premium event banners to pull for these high-ranking units!

Read on and we’ll tell you which S Rank Standard Modifiers are worth investing in.

Which S Rank Standard Modifier to Focus on in Aether Gazer Global

Source: Zackie-Senpai

There are six S Rank Modifiers currently available in the Standard banner, and they are as follows:

  • Ablaze Tyr: a slow but hard-hitting character that focuses on rotating through his skills to set up stronger attacks.
  • Asura: a fast brawler that can stop time for her opponents and destroy them with a barrage of punches.
  • Arctic Abyss Poseidon: an ice-focused character with strong ranged attacks that can freeze foes.
  • Kunitachi: a strong character that can combine skills to use multiple elements, making her extremely versatile.
  • Ookuninushi: a physical character capable of buffing and healing herself without relying on teammates. 
  • Ryugiri: a flame-using swordsman who combos all his skills together and has really great melee range.

The two best characters to invest in are Asura and Artic Abyss Poseidon.

Asura is just extremely strong and very easy to play. Her skills allow her to dominate her foes by stopping time for them, which can give breathing room when things are dire.

Additionally, she is extremely fast and can quickly cancel attacks with dodges, making it easy to reposition.

Her range is nothing to sneeze at, either! Despite being a brawler, her attacks are disjointed and appear some distance away from her. On top of that, she covers wide areas and has great crowd control.

On the other hand, Artic Abyss Poseidon is a purely ranged character. She can summon icicles with her skills, which deal great damage and have a good Area of Effect.

Her ice skills will also freeze over enemies, dealing some extra damage and stopping them for a few seconds. She’s also pretty quick and has no trouble repositioning herself out of harm’s way.

So there you have it, we highly recommend focusing on Asura or Poseidon as your S Rank Standard Modifier.

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