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How the Modifier Works in Aether Gazer

What even is a Modifier? We’ll break it down for you!




“Modifiers” are your combat units in Aether Gazer, which means that “Modifier” is just a fancy name for characters.

This might be confusing at first since you might think the game is referring to some stat-modifying equipment! But nope, they are just your characters. 

In this guide, we’ll give you a full breakdown of how Modifiers work in the game.

Explaining Modifiers in Aether Gazer

Source: FG3000 – UwU Gang

Every Modifier has a variety of skills, stats, and equipment at their disposal.

You can check and customize your units at any time from the “Modifier” screen, found at the bottom left of the main menu.

First off, you can see a breakdown of each character’s stats and functionality on the right side of the screen.

You can see their Element, Type, and Mechanism at the top of the rightmost panel. These work as follows:

  • Element: the type of elemental damage that the character deals, such as Physical or Fire.
  • Type: the playstyle of the character. For example, Melee characters focus on close-quarters combat and Ranged characters attack enemies from a distance.
  • Mechanism: this is the overall mechanic that governs how a character uses their skills. For example, Energy characters gain power by waiting and Rage characters gain power by attacking frequently.

Below that, you will find the 4 main stats for each character as well as their overall Combat Power (CP). The stats are fairly standard and they work as follows:

  • ATK: how much attack power the character has. Higher ATK means a character will deal higher damage per hit.
  • DEF: the character’s overall defense. More DEF means the character will receive less damage when hit.
  • Max HP: the highest possible Health Point (HP) value for the character. Characters will be KO’d when HP reaches 0!
  • Crit: the base chance the character has to perform random critical hits.


These are the various possible abilities that each Modifier can perform by consuming their “Mechanism” resource in battle.

This varies greatly per character, as you might imagine, and not two characters are the same!

However, what all characters do have in common is that they all have a Normal Attack, four Skills, one Dodge Skill, and one Ultimate Skill.

  • Normal Attack: this is the regular basic attack with no cooldown. It’s the weakest skill, but it usually regenerates Mechanism.
  • Skills: the unique abilities that each character possesses, and they vary greatly between all of them. They generally consume the Mechanism resource and have cooldowns.
  • Dodge Skill: a unique skill that activates when you time your dodge right before an enemy attack hits.
  • Ultimate Skill: a highly powerful skill that has to be charged and has a long cooldown. It’s charged faster when using other skills and dodging with proper timing.

Additionally, there are “Ultimate Skillchains”, which are special combos that can only be done by having specific combinations of characters in your party.

Access Keys

Weird naming aside, “Access Keys” are your Modifier’s weapon. They can be leveled up by using up resources, which will primarily increase your character’s ATK stat.

But that’s not all! You can also equip unique “Functors” to the Access Keys.

Functors are primarily obtained from the game’s gacha system and they provide a wide variety of game-changing bonuses. Some are as basic as just stat increases, while others will change how a character plays!

Sigils and Codes

Sigils are special gems you can equip on your Modifier, with each sigil being part of a specific set.

These are one of the main ways to boost your character’s stats, but equipping 3 of the same set will also provide additional set bonuses such as extra ATK increases.

You get to equip up to 6 Sigils, so you will ideally want to have 2 different sets equipped at once for the biggest bonuses.

Lastly, Codes are basically a talent tree for each Modifier. Each character has three different “paths” to follow, but you will first need to unlock the various nodes in the tree.

Unlocking the nodes varies somewhat for each character, but they are primarily unlocked by just leveling and using a specific character.

Each path only has three nodes, and you can only have 3 Codes active at the same time, which limits your selection.

However, the buffs are quite helpful in customizing each character to your playstyle, so pick whichever one you wish! It doesn’t cost any resource to respec at any time, either.

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