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Zombie Army 4: FG 42 & Webley MKVI Mastery Challenges

Time to unlock some badass weapons, in a badass way!

Iris Ruiz



Zombie Army 4 is the fourth installment in this phenomenal zombie-shoot up game by the makers of Sniper Elite.  While it’s fun to go through the story solo or with friends, there are certain challenges in the game that allow you to pick up weapon skins that would make your normal guns look better.

Below are some of the guns and the guides on how you can get them

FG 42 & Webley MKVI Mastery Challenges – Zombie Army 4


To get the FG42, you would need to complete the challenge “Get 20 kills under 60s”.  While this is a big feat for some people, certain builds can help you to get success far easier than a normal kit.  Do this on mission one chapter 1, set the difficulty on easy and pack 3 of your friends to form a 4-man team.

Position yourself on the ramp and shoot away.  The firepower from four people should be enough to nap this challenge in the bag.

Webley MKVI

The Webley mission is to “Get 200 double kills or above with Webley”.  You would need to be using your Webley for this.  On mission one chapter 2, set yourself up above the ramp as well but it is not necessary.  The objective is to line up zombies and kill them with a single shot.  It should not take long if you position yourself well. 

It’s easy to get tunneled in this challenge so make sure to still watch yourself carefully.  After the horde of zombies are defeated, you should then be able to complete the challenge and get your sweet rewards.

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