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Zombie Army 4: Master Shotgun Pistol Guide

The Shotgun Pistol is one of the powerful weapons in Zombie Army 4—learn the mastery of this weapon here.

Jed Gaspang



Zombie Army 4 is a fun and thrilling game with lots of missions to complete. The game also has various weapons that you can use to kill any zombies in your path. Doing just that will not only give you points, but also rewards you in the form of weapon mastery. This guide will show you how to master the Shotgun Pistol.

Master Shotgun Pistol Guide – Zombie Army 4

One way to complete the Shotgun Pistol mastery is through Hitler’s Welcome Party (Chapter 4) in All Roads Lead to Hell. First, use a bait grenade to lure the zombies to a common right barrel and kill them in one explosion.

 It will need your luck to be at your side when piling up the Nazi zombies to get enough kills. It’s also important to not get yourself killed before the mastery icon shows up.

There are also other methods such as combo kills on other maps, but this one might be the best among them all as it only takes one explosion to rack up kills on your character.

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