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Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Mastery MP 44 Guide

Wondering how you’ll master your MP 44 gun in Zombie Army 4? Check this guide out to learn more!

Jed Gaspang



Zombie Army 4 is an exciting game filled with zombie Nazis on the hunt for human flesh. The game also has various missions for you to complete. An interesting part of this game however is weapon mastery. This guide will show you all about MP44 gun mastery.

Mastery MP 44 Guide – Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The way that you can master the MP 44 is through getting one kill every two seconds. You can do this through the Death Canal campaign, Gates of Hell (Chapter 4).

The way to do it is to start the generator and wait until there’s a decent crowd of zombies. Then shoot until you reach the rate of one kill per two seconds.

The other chapter you could go to is Locomotive Lockdown (Chapter 2) in Dead Ahead. When boarding the train full of zombies, it’s just about time when the train crashes.

From there, shoot the zombies until you reach the rate of one kill every two seconds. It’s also great if you’ll have an extended magazine on your gear for more than enough ammo.

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