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The Universim: How to Use God Powers

God Powers allow the manipulation of the planet’s physical objects and even the Nuggets themselves—but how do you exactly use them?

Jed Gaspang



The Universim is a planet management game based on managing your resources and guide a civilization to its fullest. It’s a new breed of God game since the rise of The Sims, Spore, and others. It is also critical to make use of your Nuggets well, as they could make or break your civilization. In this guide we’ll show you how to use your God Powers in The Universim.

How to Use God Powers – The Universim

To make use of your God Powers, just press, and hold Ctrl+ Left click on the object or resource that you want to control. For example, when using the God Power Telekenesis, just use Ctrl+ Left click on the item you want to lift.

It’s important that you hover the cursor over the item you want to control.

You can use different God Powers to complete challenges. You can also pick your God Power by using the middle-click on your mouse wheel.

Take note that every God Power has a different number of creator points required.

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Terra Invicta: Factions Guide | All You Need to Know

Know all about the factions and their victory conditions.





Terra Invicta is going to have its Early Access on September 26. It is a strategy simulation game, where you are going to play as one of the factions ito take control of Earth and expand across the Solar System. We are going to tell you all about the factions that you can play in the game.

Factions Guide, All You Need to Know in Terra Invicta

Terra Invicta is all about controlling the humans as you are threatened by an alien invasion. You can fight with them or fight for them, appease the aliens, or escape from them by fleeing the solar system. You can even expand beyond Earth by establishing colonies on other planets. There are 7 factions that you can play as.

All Playable Factions

All of the factions play very differently from each other, and each has different victory conditions.

The Resistance

Resistance is the faction that ensures humanity’s survival. The victory condition for them is to protect all of humanity by resisting the alien invasion. It is also the only faction that has a tutorial, so it is advisable to play it first.

Humanity First

Humanity First is all about destroying all of the aliens and those who support them. In the Resistance, you only need to resist against the aliens and others that support them but with Humanity First, you need to eradicate the aliens and other factions that support them.

The Initiative

The Initiative is about exploiting the aliens. They are all about power and they will do anything to obtain it.

The Servants

The Servants have an easier playthrough. They worship the aliens religiously and they must help the aliens by any means necessary, so you are going to clash against other factions.

The Protectorate

The Protectorate wants to protect humanity by appeasing the aliens, unlike the Servants that want to serve the aliens.

The Academy

The Academy is all about standing equally with the aliens, but the aliens have better technology and have made many colonies. It is a difficult playthrough as you need to convince the aliens to win.

Project Exodus

Project Exodus is about leaving Earth and fleeing the aliens. It is all about space development.

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