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The Universim: How to Pick the Perfect Location for Your Civilization

Pick the perfect spot for your next civilization!

Nedim Fetahovic



The Universim: How to Pick the Perfect Location for Your Civilization

The Universim puts you in the position of a literal God where you have to use your wits to make the civilization prosper and reach new heights.

Easier said than done. With so many factors contributing to your civilization’s success or failure, it becomes hard to know where to start building and where to lay the groundwork for what’s to become the ultimate, most powerful civilization ever.

That is why, positioning your civilization, that is choosing the right spot to begin with, in the Universim is of the utmost importance.

Today, we’ll go over exactly this. With many factors contributing to your ideal location, you need to make a calculated effort when choosing a spot. Let’s get started!

The Universim


Resources are one of the most important aspects in the Universim. Without them, progress would be impossible and your civilization would be doomed before it even started.

That said, there are 4 main resources to consider. These are Planet environment resources, Vital needs resources, Building resources, and Natural resources. Each one contains multiple others within.

Therefore choosing a location with having the optimal resources nearby is the main goal.


Now that we know the basics and the variables in play, it is time to choose our spot. The idea here is simple. You want a spot from which you have easy access to water, trees, mountains (ideal for rocks and precious ores), and deserts (ideal for getting oil and gas).

Your ideal position will be in close proximity to all of these. See the screenshot below for more info:

The Universim civilization spot

If you have found a spot similar to ours, go ahead and start your civilization there as it is bound to prosper from such a spot abundant with resources. Be sure to let us know which spot you chose in the comments down below!

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