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The Universim: How To Use Creator Points

Unlimited power, in just a few clicks!

Iris Ruiz



The Universim holds a lot of features that tickles the fancy of anyone that had the privilege of playing it.  While still on early access, the game is ripe with content that will last you for hours.  But like in all management games, there is a learning curve when it comes to playing this game.

How To Use Creator Points – The Universim

One of the main features of this game are the God Powers you will unlock along the way.  There will be a roster of these different powers and you might be itching to use them as you acquire them. 

From planting trees, smiting civilizations and making your nuggets fall in love, here are the steps on how to be a better God by utilizing your Creator Points.

  1. Think long and hard on which power to use, you can’t undo this once you’ve decided so choose wisely (or save the game first)!  Once you have a clear picture, press the Tab button or click on the God Power button in the bottom left corner to select the power you want to use.
  2. Look for an unsuspecting nugget.  Whether it’s a believer or not is up to you.  Once you’ve chosen, press the Ctrl+left click on the nugget of your choosing.

That’s all there is to it!  There would be consequences for each action you take so whether you want to be a good God or a bad God is up to you! 

You might want to grow your civilization and take it as far as you want it to, or you can wipe out every era before starting anew!  Either way, the power lies in you.

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