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The Universim: How To Use Telekinesis

We all wanted to be Professor X when we were younger. Or was that just me?

Iris Ruiz



The Universim offers a lot of powers that you can use as a God and one of them is using Telekinesis (without having to wear a funny helmet).  While you might be busy planting trees, or smiting a tribe of non-believers, there’s always some form of charm in simply grabbing your followers by their collar to display your power to the world.

Here’s how you can use Telekinesis on your nuggets.

How To Use Telekinesis – The Universim

Telekinesis is a great power to have, especially if you don’t like walking to an object to pick it up.  Imagine having said object just zoom into your palm?  While this power isn’t accessible to us in the real world, you can use it all you want inside the game. 

To use Telekinesis, just like any god power, you select it by pressing Tab to open your God Power menu.  You can then select Telekinesis and then choose a nugget to use it on. 

For best results, do this on a nugget that’s within a crowd, as many bystanders as possible to gain a load of believers.  Once you have your target press Ctrl+left click on the nugget and you’ll be lifting it up in no time.  In the real world, this could probably induce mass panic but luckily our nuggets are more resilient than most and would likely just think of it as an act from God (that’s you!).

Have fun levitating your nuggets!  While it seems like a simple power, it’s still one of the surefire ways to gain believers as well.  Makes for a great party trick!

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