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How to Use Levitate Creator Power in The Universim

Unleash your God-like power with the Levitate Creator Power in the Universim!

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How to Use Levitate Creator Power in the Universim

The Universim is a world-building game where your sole purpose is to build a civilization and guide it through the ages. From very basic early civilizations to advanced space-exploring people, you control it all!

Dive on in as we explore how to use one of the most popular perks in the Universim – the Levitate Creator Power. As most players struggle with it, today we’ll show you how to use it in a step-by-step guide. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Universim


The Levitate Creator Power is often referred to as Telekinesis, which is at its core. To begin this guide, you will most definitely have a quest that says something along these lines:

“Collect and drop new crop types on the Farm with the Levitate Creator Power”

This means that you have to use Telekinesis to achieve this goal. Although it does not explicitly state this, it is what it means. Trust us, we tried.

The Universim objective
Source: Mystik Jester

Using the power

Follow these steps to successfully use this power. Go to your Creators Power Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and go to Influence. Here you have to choose Telekinesis.

Influence menu

Now hover over the resource in question and carefully look at what it says!

Food reserves

If it says Food(0) like in the screenshot above, using Telekinesis will only destroy the said bush. In our case, we have to make it rain for the food to grow.

Once you deploy rain and click play, you can now use Telekinesis to harvest the crop and plant it on your farm to complete the objective.

Planting crops

Once you have done that, you have successfully used Telekinesis or as the game likes to call it, the Levitate Creator Power to complete the said objective!

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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