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The Universim: How To Get Believers

If you like playing God, you might want to jump into the crazy world of The Universim.

Iris Ruiz



So, you’ve built your world and you’re slowly getting used to Godhood, what’s next?  As you populate your world, it wouldn’t be a guarantee that all of them will acknowledge you as their supreme creator.  Here’s how to gain more believers in this fun, resource management game!

How To Get Believers – The Universim

Perform Miracles In Front of Crowds

A surefire way to get any nugget to believe in you, is to show them power.  Whether it’s picking up people with telekinesis in a crowded space or smiting non-believers to the delight of your worshippers, you will rack up believers before you know it!

Go Green!  Plant Some Trees

It only takes 2 points to plant trees, and who wouldn’t want to get more fresh air with forests?  As you go along and rack up some points, spend at least 1000 planting trees.  It doesn’t have to be in one go and you can always space them out so you’ll have a buffer from when you don’t have any ways of gaining new believers.

Do Your Quests

Quests will give you the most believers over-all, although they’re not always available, it’s still a good way to get a lot of followers at a time.  This way is not left to chance and will depend on how fast and how well you get the quest done.

Make Your Subjects Fall in Love

A very convenient spell to use is the “Make Fall in Love” power which will automatically make the pair of nuggets you chose into a believer.  You would need to be careful with this power, though, as you might risk overpopulation. 

To optimize this power, it’s great to do it after smiting a big number of the population.  It will not only give you more believers, but it’s also not in risk of overpopulating the world.

Depending on which method works for you, you’ll be racking up the believers in no time!

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