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The Universim How to Get More Nuggets

If you want to build a civilization, you’ll need some nuggets… er… people.




To really develop your Nuggets from a small tribe into a full-fledged superpower, you’ll have to make more of them. And while you are a God, there’s no option to simply conjure life out of nowhere. That would be too easy now, wouldn’t it?

Instead, life must come… the old-fashioned way. However, there are ways for you to help speed up that process.

How to Get More Nuggets in The Universim

At the end of the day, there’s only one way that you are getting more nuggets. By getting to know each other in the biblical sense. That’s right, they have to breed.

This can occur automatically by Nuggets pairing with each other, or you can help them with your God powers. For Nuggets to mate, you’ll want to have a decent number of laborers.

Laborers have more free time, and as such, they are far more likely to reproduce. Anything that can take up the free time of your nuggets could be detracting from their interest in reproducing.

That means that you can’t have too many of your nuggets working or you won’t have people free to mate.  You will also need to build homes for them to go down to business.

How to get more nuggets

The second choice is using your Cupidon power, which will allow you to pair up two Nuggets on your own.

However, using Cupidon over and over can be expensive, so it’s not the best way to go about it. It’s best saved for rare cases where you want two specific Nuggets to pair up, perhaps to pass on specific traits.

That’s about it, Nuggets need a place to live and time to expand the population in order for you to get more. If you are having issues with your population, check that you have enough food and that they are not too occupied.

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