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Warframe: Voidplume Farming and Holdfast Standing Guide

The new Angels of the Zariman update highlights new exciting features, including a new Syndicate.




Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman update introduces a new Syndicate called the Holdfast. The Holdfasts are the survivors of a tragedy that led the Zariman Ten Zero into the Void. You earn rewards and access to new items when you gain Standing with the Syndicate. Here’s a simple and easy-to-follow guide if you want to increase your standing with the Holdfasts.

Voidplume Farming and Holdfast Standing Guide in Warframe

The way to earn Holdfast Standing is not an easy task. You will need to have a lot of patience to farm Voidplumes.

Fortunately, the update guarantees eight Voidplumes in missions, one being a Rare one. Then, you will need to give it to an NPC in the Chrysalith.

Increasing Standing

There are two ways to obtain Voidplumes. First, you can loot them in every mission on Zariman Ten Zero. Second, you can earn them as a reward from bounties. Quinn, an NPC in the Chrysalith, provides you with the bounty missions.

Once you obtain Voidplumes, you can hand them to another NPC in the Chrysalith named Archimedean Yonta. She can be found near the living area or by simply fast-traveling on the main menu.

The different types of Voidplume and their Standing value are as follows:

  • Voidplume Pinion: 5,000 Standing
  • Voidplume Quill: 2,500 Standing
  • Voidplume Crest: 2,000 Standing
  • Voidplume Vane: 1,000 Standing
  • Voidplume Down: 500 Standing

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