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Tunic: How to Beat Skeleton Mini-Boss

Despite it’s cutesy graphics, Tunic is a very challenging game, full of enemies that can easily crush your character. One of those enemies is the big skeleton mini-boss.




One of the more dangerous enemy type in Tunic is the large skeleton mini-boss. With it’s attacks covering wide areas, it poses a completely different challenge than smaller enemies. But with some patience, defeating him is not a big problem.

How to Beat the Skeleton Mini-Boss in Tunic

How to Beat the Skeleton Mini-Boss in Tunic

The Giant Skeleton usually only has it’s skull visible before approaching it. After you’ll get close, the monster will dig the rest of it’s body out of the ground and attack you. Use the this moment to land a few hits on it, before it’ll be ready for a fight. Once it has it’s club in hands, you’ll need to adapt a slower tactic.

Dodging the Swings

How to Beat the Skeleton Mini-Boss in Tunic

The skeleton has three attacks – a wide club swing, a horizontal club bash and throwing some of it’s bones at you. Out of these, the swing is the biggest problem. In order to avoid it, you should only hut the skeleton two to three times before backing out of it’s range, than wait for it to attack and repeat. The club bash can be easily avoided using the dodge roll, while the bone throw can rarely hit you.

Attacking From Behind

The monster takes a long time to attack. You may use this factor to circle it and attack from behind. If you’ll stay glued to the skeleton’s backside, it might not even have a chance to hit you. But, if it does, use your shield to block the attack. If you do it at the right time, it’ll nullify the effects of the attack, but if your timing is off, the impact will send you flying and stun the fox for a brief moment.

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