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Surviving the Aftermath: Where to Get Components

Components are a rare resource required for electronics in Surviving the Aftermath. Here’s how to get them.




There’s a variety of ways to get components in Surviving the Aftermath. Primarily obtained from trading and scavenging the world, there’s also a high-end building that produces them for you. We’ll go over every method and all the details you need to get all the components you may need.

Where to Get Components in Surviving the Aftermath

Where to Get Components in Surviving the Aftermath

You have a couple of options when it comes to obtaining Components in the game. Your best bet is to explore the world map with Specialists. They can be found randomly during exploration, so keep your eyes open for them and make sure to check everything you come across. Hovering over lootable locations will let you see what you can find at them before you send your specialists.

Where to Get Components in Surviving the Aftermath

Another very good option is to simply trade with other societies and visitors. While there’s no guarantee that they will have Components, it’s good to keep an eye out for any trade opportunities. This is a very good method, as it’s much safer than exploring the world map is generally, but it’s very random and you’ll have to give up some of your own resources as trade.

Electronics Facility

Where to Get Components in Surviving the Aftermath

Lastly, you can refine them at any Electronics Factory. This is a very advanced method, as you’ll require to have advanced your Tech enough and to have the resources to build an Electronics Factory in the first place. The Electronics Facility is a high-end building. You’ll need some Components to even build it in the first place, too, on top of lots of available energy.

The first thing you want to do, if you do wish to build the Electronics Facility, is to further your Tech research. You want to advance research in the Resources tab until you reach the Circuit Assembly tech. With this Tech fully researched, you’ll be able to build the Electronic Facility.

When you have the resources and enough power to feed to the building, just start building it. Once it finishes, it will start processing rare metals and plastic and turn them into Components. Feel free to pause the building’s production if you have enough Components or need to save the resources for something else. But there you have it. Despite the Electronics Facility being costly to run, it ultimately should save you from having to scavenge and trade constantly for components.

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