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Surviving the Aftermath: How to Get More Colonists

Colonists are your survivors in the post-apocalyptic management sim Surviving the Aftermath




Colonists are survivors who decide to join your colony in Surviving the Aftermath. They work together and try to survive in the harsh world they live in. But how can you increase your number of colonists? This guide will tell you how.

How to Get More Colonists in Surviving the Aftermath

How to Get More Colonists in Surviving the Aftermath

While there are two methods of getting colonists, they both require you to perform the same actions. First off, colonists might randomly ask to join your colony. You can accept or decline them, this is up to you. Secondly, colonists already in your colony will procreate when given enough time. This means that you will get more colonists naturally as your current ones give birth to more people.

Now, the thing here is that both methods just require you to keep your colonists happy. Keeping your colonists happy will make your community seem appealing to new colonists. On top of that, you’ll be providing an ideal environment for your current colonists to procreate. It’s a win-win scenario.

Colony Happiness

On the top left of your interface, you’ll notice a smiling yellow face. Click on this to get a breakdown of your current colony’s happiness. This will list all the needs of your current colonists, so keep an eye for it. Happiness can be increased by things such as providing clean water, sufficient housing, and enough food for all colonists. Familiarize yourself with this tab and do your best to make sure your colonists remain happy.

Keeping your colony well maintained and your colonists happy will cause a decent influx of colonists. Both new survivors wishing to join your colony and new births will bolster your numbers naturally. You just have to make sure that your colony is inviting, creating the ideal conditions for your colonists to survive.

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