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Surviving the Aftermath: How to Build Research Outposts

Research Outposts are vital to increasing your Tech research in Surviving the Aftermath. We’ll tell you how to build them.




While there’s a variety of types of outposts in Surviving the Aftermath, Research Outposts are important to speed up Tech research. Faster research is also important to unlock more buildings and features for your colony. Let’s go over how to build Research Outposts in the game.

How to Build Research Outposts in Surviving the Aftermath

There are many steps required to build Research Outposts, so let’s go over each one of them one by one.

Frontier Outposts Tech

How to Build Research Outposts in Surviving the Aftermath

Building research Outposts first requires you to complete the Frontier Outspots tech research. This is found in the Safety tab of your Tech tree. Simply make sure you research this tech to open up the ability to build an Outpost Depot.

Building and Using Outpost Depots

With the previous research done, you’ll need to build an Outpost Depot. These are Exploration buildings made with 30 Metal, 50 Plastic, and 50 Wood. Note that you only need one of these buildings to make any outposts. What this building does is it turns your Specialists into Settlers. Settlers can then be used to build outposts on the world map. Again, you only need one Outpost Depot in total, you don’t need to make one for every new outpost you want to build. Simply use the same depot to keep turning specialists into settlers when you need it.

Build Outposts with Settlers

How to Build Research Outposts in Surviving the Aftermath

Now, when you have turned one of your specialists into a Settler, you need to go to the world map. Your settler will have to explore until you find a suitable location. When this happens, the game will let you know and give you the option of building an outpost.

When you finally find a suitable location, click on Build Outpost. You’ll get a multitude of options, with each type of outpost providing different benefits and resources. In our case, we’ll want a Research Outpost, which provides us with science points to speed up our Tech research. Simply click on Research Outpost and your settler will build the outpost for you. That’s it, you’ve built a Research Outpost!

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