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Return to Monkey Island: Hot-Headed Achievement Guide

Unlock the achievement to eat Scorched Alaska.




Return to Monkey Island is about the continuation of Guybrush Threepwood’s adventure to find the secrets to the Monkey Island. This is the sixth installment of the Monkey Island series, and is filled with puzzles and strategies that you need to complete to progress in the game.

One of the achievements you can get is the Hot Headed achievement, and we are going to show you how to unlock it.

Hot Headed Achievement Guide in Return to Monkey Island

Before you can unlock the Hot Headed achievement in Return to Monkey Island, you need to do the following tasks during part 2 of A Dangerous Journey:

  • Talk to Flambe in the outpost about the favorite food and the vote
  • Talk to Putra and ask about Scorched Alaska and for her Promotion
  • Take the promotion request from the table and give it to LeChuck

Completing them will grant you a promotion, which you can give to Putra.

Obtaining the Hot Headed Achievement

First, before you get inside LeChuck’s cabin, open your rucksack and drag the request for promotion to the stamped papers to combine them. Enter the cabin and open your rucksack again, drag the combined papers and give it to LeChuck.

Go out of the cabin and go straight to the ship’s galley. Give the signed request for promotion to Putra. Ask her to make you a Scorched Alaska by picking the second option.

Right-click on the scorched Alaska multiple times to force Guybrush into taking a bite. Once Guybrush eats the Scorched Alaska, you are going to get the Hot Headed achievement.

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