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Return to Monkey Island: How to Get a Mop Guide

Do the following tasks to obtain a mop.




In Return to Monkey Island, you need to solve puzzles and use strategies to progress through the game. Some require you to finish or unlock a part of the area, while others require you to make or obtain a certain item. One of these items is a mop, and we are going to show you how to get it.

How to Get a Mop Guide in Return to Monkey Island

In Return to Monkey Island, you’ll reach the stage where you need to join LeChuck’s crew. But you need to do this without letting them know who you are. And there’s no better disguise than a mop to trick them.

Obtaining a Mop

Go back to the docks and head inside the Scumm Bar. Get inside the kitchen through the door on the right. There, you’ll see a mob and a Cook. Right-click on the mop to try and borrow it from him. He is going to refuse you, so go to the right and right-click on the string to obtain it.

Enter the International House of Mojo in Low Street, Melee Island. Right-click on the Knife and the Frog on the table found at the bottom of the screen to obtain it.

Head to the Governor’s Mansion, and drag the frog to Carla to ask for forgiveness. At the side of the stairs inside the Governor’s Mansion is a bookshelf. Find and borrow the book Ingredients. Head back to the Scumm Bar’s kitchen and give the cookbook to the Cook.

Open your rucksack and drag the knife to the mop to get a sliver of wood. Head to Low Street and get inside Wally’s Maps-N-More; give the sliver of wood to Wally. He is then going to tell you to go to the Dark Forest.

Follow this path: right, up, right, up, left, and up. Open your rucksack and drag the knife onto the tree. Combine the wooden handle and the string to create your mop.

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