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Palworld: How to Get Unlimited Cakes

Get your sugar fix in Palworld!




In Palworld, it’s hard to play for any length of time without getting hungry. As such, it’s a very good idea to invest in a food farm. The Cakes are some of the best food options in the game. You need them to do a few other things too.

Cakes are required to breed Pals together and are a great food source themselves. Keep reading to learn how to start a Cake farm, so you never have to worry about running out of food again. 

How to Get Unlimited Cakes

You need a few resources such as Flour, Egg, Milk, and Honey to make cakes. Along with that, you also need to build some resources such as the Wheat Plantation, Cooking Pot, and Mills. You also need some specific Pals to help out in the farming process and make it faster.  

We’ve highlighted all the important steps below to make it as easy as possible!

Wheat Plantation:

Some variations of the Plantation structure are required to farm Cakes. The type of Plantation we need is the Wheat Plantation

Wheat Plantation in Palworld

The Wheat Plantation requires some Wheat Seeds to be built. To get some Wheat Seeds, kill or catch some higher level Grass-type pals such as the “Mossanda” Pal or the “Dinossom” Pal. Some vendors also sell these Wheat Seeds.


Now we need to get some farming started on our Wheat Plantation. For the most effective farming, we need a few different Pals.

Farming in Palworld

 The best way to go about this is to have a Pal which is suited for “Planting” and “Gathering” tasks. A good Pal to go for here is the “Petallia” Pal. 

Another type of Pal we need is one which is suited for the “Watering” task. You can use an “Azurobe” Pal there. Once you have these Pals, set them to work on the Wheat Farm to produce some Wheat. 


Once you’ve gotten your hands on some Wheat, we need to use a Mill. A Mill can be used to turn the Wheat you just got into Flour. This flour is required to farm Cakes. The Mill is unlocked a little later in the game and can be found in the Production category. 

Mills in Palworld

Once you have one, use it to make as much Flour as you can. You need 3 pieces of Wheat to get one piece of Flour from the Mill. Once again, you need a Watering Pal like an “Azurobe” here. 


The next ingredient we need for our cake recipe is the “Chikipi” Pal. This is one of the first Pals you will likely encounter in the game and are super easy to kill. You can find these in all of the starter areas in the game. The “Plateau of Beginnings” is one of these, in case you need a reminder. 

Chipiki in Palworld

Next, you need to build a Ranch. You can find this in the “Pal” section of the Assembly Mode. Once you’ve built one, head over to your Palbox. From there, assign your Chipikis to the ranch. 

Ranch in Palworld

Once inside the ranch, the Chikipi will start randomly dropping Eggs. Having multiple of them will give you the most Eggs, so taking some time aside to catch some Chipikis is recommended. 


Similar to Eggs, Milk has to be obtained from a Pal. In this case, we are looking for the “Mozzarina” Pal. This is basically a cow, and you can get Milk from it. It drops Milk when killed, but we are looking to catch some.

Mozzarina in Palworld

They’re pretty easy to fight and can be found pretty close to the starting area. Just head to this location on the map and catch some Mozzarinas. 

Mozzarina Location in Palworld

Place them in your Ranch to get milk drops from them. Once again, the more you have the better. 


The last ingredient we need is Honey. Honey is dropped from a bee-like Pal called the “Beegarde”

Beegarde in Palworld

You can find some Beegarde Pals in the area highlighted on the map below. They can be a bit troublesome to catch because they self-destruct. Just be fast and you should be good.

Beegarde Location in Palworld

Using a Higher Level Sphere is recommended for Beegarde Pals. By using at least a Giga Sphere, you’ll greatly increase your chances of catching one. Place these in the Ranch for bee drops. 

Cooking Pot:

Once you have all the necessary materials collected, you need a Cooking Pot to make the cakes. This can be constructed in the Food section of Assembly Mode. The Cooking Pot is unlocked at Level 17 in the Technology tab.

Cooking Pot in in Palworld

Making the Cake:

Now all that’s left to do is to interact with the Cooking Pot and make the Cake. You will need to have a Pal that has Work Suitability for the Kindling task. Some examples of these are the “Vanwyrm” Pal or the “Foxparks” Pal.

Making Cake in Palworld

Cakes have a tendency to take a lot of time to cook. You can speed this process up by using a Pal with a higher Kindling level. The “Suzaku” pal is a great one to use here. You can also just have multiple Cooking Pots and multiple Pals cooking them. 

Ideally, you should set some Cakes to cook and leave the area. Continue playing as normal and when you return you should have a bunch of Cake to eat. The more Cooking Pots and other resources you have the more Cakes you will be able to farm in a small amount of time.

Note: Something to keep in mind when doing anything at your base is Food Cost. Higher-level Pals will require more food to work. This can be problematic as your resources will be used before you get to make things using them. 

This is all you need to know to get unlimited cakes in Palworld. All it takes is a couple of farming tricks and you’ll be swimming in sugary treats!

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