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Helpful Glitches to Try in Palworld Before They Are Patched

Exploit everything, it’s legal!

Nedim Fetahovic



Helpful Glitches to Try in Palworld Before They are Patched

Being a relatively new game, Palworld glitches are a common occurrence and are something to expect when the game first launches. It takes time for developers to identify and rectify all bugs and glitches that may occur at the very start. 

With that in mind, in today’s article, we’re bringing you the top 5 glitches currently present in Palworld that you can still take advantage of without any repercussions. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Helpful Glitches

Palworld on Steam

1. Duplication Glitch

This glitch, as the name suggests, will allow you to duplicate any material in the game. To do this, go ahead and open up your Palbox Management Menu and remove all Pals currently assigned to your base. Following this, go to the very edge of the base and bring up your crafting menu.

Now select the crafting workbench which requires the material you wish to duplicate. 

Palworld Glitches
Source: MillGaming

Now place the desired workbench on the edge of the map, and click cancel simultaneously with jumping backward. Following up on this, cancel the crafting completely. Canceling the craft will give you a certain amount of those desired resources which you can now store and use. This can be repeated as many times as you wish.

2. Instant Pal Revive

Normally, Pals take up to 10 minutes to fully heal. However, there is a trick to shorten this time by 100%. Instead of waiting for these 10 minutes to pass, you will use the Viewing Cage to instantly revive them. Simply place your Pal in the Viewing Cage and then take it out. Lo and behold, the Pal has been fully revived!

Palworld Glitch - Viewing Cage

3. Catch Any Boss

To do this, go to any settlement with security guards. Now shoot or hit the guard in order to become wanted. Once you become a wanted man/woman, teleport to where the boss you want to catch is. Enter the boss tower and align yourself so that the boss is between you and the guard chasing you.

This will then make the guard shoot the boss Pal making it glitch thus allowing you to catch it easily. Now simply throw the sphere at it and make sure it is caught.

Remember not to skip the cutscene!

4. Catch Any Pal You Want

For our next trick…or glitch…head over to the boss tower. Remember that each boss tower can be reset if you enter it, and then leave it. This will then allow you to see which Pals are inside the boss dungeon or tower thus allowing you to reset these bosses as many times as you like until a Pal you are looking for appears.

Palworld Glitches - Catch Any Pal

5. Sky Jump

Finally, our last glitch for today will allow you to jump high. Very high. Used in conjunction with the Glider, this glitch will allow you to cover great distances and get to otherwise unreachable places early on.

To do it, throw a sphere at a Pal and jump on top of that sphere. This will then launch you high up in the sky where you can open your glider.

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