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Palia: How to Get Hodari’s Grill

A great way to cook valuable consumables




Hodari’s Grill is an item in Palia that allows you to cook various items. Cooking in this game is a great way to get your own consumables that have many different uses.

In this guide, we will be looking at how to get Hodari’s Grill. To get this grill, you will need to interact with Hodari and complete a short quest for him.

How to Get Hodari’s Grill

placing the grill at your base

You can get Hodari’s Grill upon completing the “It Must Flow” quest for Hodari. The grill is a reward for completing the quest.

Once you get the grill, you can use it to cook consumables. Some very special recipes in Palia let you create unique consumable items.

How to Complete the Quest

hodaris house

To start the quest, you will need to get to Hodari’s house. His house can be found in the Bahari region on the map. The image above indicates where the house is.

interact with the shelf to start the quest

Once you are inside Hodari’s house, head on over to the kitchen to start the quest. Inside his kitchen, you can go up to an empty shelf and interact with it to accept the “It Must Flow” quest. Find Hodari and talk to him to proceed with the quest.

the spices can be found all around the bahari region

For the quest, you will need to gather some different spices that were stolen from Hodari’s house. There will be markers on your map to help you get to the different spices scattered in the area. All of the spices you need to find will be within the Bahari region.

There is a checklist on your screen to help you keep track of the different spices. To collect a spice, all you need to do is go up to it and interact with it.

conversation with hodari

Once you gather all the spices, go back to Hodari and talk to him. He will then require you to help him cook an item using the spices you gathered, after which he will give you a spare grill that he has.

You can place the grill anywhere in your house area and use it to cook items.

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