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Palia: How to Fix Nintendo Login Bug

An easy fix to help you get on to the game




Palia can be a very fun game when you actually get to play it. A very common bug a lot of people have been running into is that they can’t log in to the game. You get stuck on the connecting screen and nothing appears to work.

We will be looking at a fix that should help you solve this issue and get into the game. The bug is mostly prevalent on the Nintendo Switch, so our fix is for the Switch version of the game.

How to Fix Nintendo Login Bug

Nintendo Switch is notorious for issues like this, especially for online games. To fix this issue, you will need to clear up all of your console’s cache data. This is quite easy to do and can be done fairly quickly.

system settings

First off, you will need to access the System Settings from the Switch’s main menu. Make sure to close your game before doing this.

select formatting options from the system tab

Once you are inside System Settings, select the System option from the option at the left of your screen. From there, select Formatting Options. This can be seen in the image above.

reset cache in formatting options

The Reset Cache option is the first option within Formatting Options. Selecting this will reset all the cache data on your console. Make sure that you have access to all important login information before you do this.

You will need to log in to all your accounts again, as all the data relating to that information will be gone. Once that is done, reset your console and the issue should be resolved.

Other than fixing the issue on Palia, this fix can help you fix a lot of other system issues on the Switch. Occasionally clearing your systems cache is a good thing and helps your Nintendo Switch run smoothly.

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