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Palia: How to Catch the Jewelwing Dragonfly

Who knew catching a dragonfly would be so difficult




The Jewelwing Dragonfly in Palia is an Epic Rare insect that you can find and capture. You will need to have the Jewelwing Dragonfly in your inventory for the Fairywind Bundle.

Other than the bug being hard to catch, it is also quite difficult to find. In this guide, we will look at where you can find the Jewelwing Dragonfly, and how to catch it.

How to Catch the Jewelwing Dragonfly

the dragonfly can be found near the pavel mines

To find the Jewelwing Dragonfly, you will need to head on over to the Pavel Mines. This is the only area in the game where you can find this dragonfly.

make sure you check the tress when looking for the dragonfly

The dragonfly can be anywhere over here and it might take you some time to find it. Make sure you scan the whole path close to the Pavel Mines. You can also try cutting down the trees in this area or destroy the bushes to find the Jeweled Dragonfly.

If it is taking too long to find the Jeweled Dragonfly, you can try reloading the game and coming back to the area.

message showing you that you got the jeweled dragonfly

Once you find the Jeweled Dragonfly, you will still need to catch it. This is probably the trickiest part, as the dragonfly is extremely slippery. Its speed and small size make catching it very difficult. You will need to be very accurate with your smoke bombs and belt.

Catching the Jeweled Dragonfly is difficult, but the reward makes it worth it. Catch all the different flying bugs in the Fairywind Bundle to get a very useful reward at the end.

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