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P3P All Classroom & Exam Answers – Persona 3 Portable

Your odds of passing are minimal, at best.

Alexis Ongsansoy



P3P all classroom exam answers persona 3 portable

Even if Persona 3 came out 17 years ago there’s still a pretty active community that holds the game in high regard, and they’re right to do so! The game had everything and fits the image of the early 2000’s being a lawless wasteland of endless creativity. You have supernatural beings that linger around during the most unholy hours of the day, dealing with your social skills, time management, the concept of a new game plus, and of course, exams! It’s a tough balancing act to deal with these elements every day. But we got you covered! In this guide we’ll discretely slip a cheat sheet or two on your desk to make sure you pass with flying colors.

Persona 3 Portable | All Classroom & Exam Answers

Since the setting includes a high school, it’s expected that you partake in the quizzes and exams. You want to increase your charm by getting all the correct answers after all. We have all the answers you’ll need from the start of April to the first week of January!


  • 8th: Utsubo Kubota
  • 18th: Mud huts
  • 27th: 6000 years ago


  • 6th: Soft water
  • 13th: 1700 km/hr
  • 15th: Bread

First Exam (May)

  • 20th: Bread
  • 21st: Faster than sound
  • 22nd: Hard water
  • 23rd: Nara


  • 15th: And…
  • 17th: Shamanism
  • 22nd: Jellyfish
  • 25th: Dowsing
  • 29th: It can go either way


  • 3rd: The Global heritage Pavilion
  • 8th: I failed, it’s over now.
  • 9th: Kondan Einen Shizaihou
  • 10th: Kabbalah
  • 11th: Imperial Prince

Second Exam (July)

  • 14th: Dowsing
  • 15th: Octopus
  • 16th: Minamoto no Yoritomo
  • 17th: I went, I learned.


  • 1st: Superconductivity
  • 10th: Gochisou-sama
  • 11th: The Hermetica
  • 14th: Can’t let others produce
  • 26th:  The Tetractys


  • 7th: To excite the audience
  • 19th: 14
  • 22nd: By fermenting them
  • 23rd: Madam Blavatsky
  • 26th: Wristwatches
  • 29th: Lactase

Third Exam (October)

  • 13th: Husbands
  • 14th: Moses
  • 15th: Zero electrical resistance
  • 16th: Coup of Meiou


  • 7th: Winter mornings are pleasant.
  • 12th: The Upanishads
  • 30th: They did both


  • 7th: Ozone
  • 11th: Cacti
  • 22nd: Euphoria
  • 21st: Kido

Fourth Exam (December)

  • 14th: 1185
  • 15th: Oxygen
  • 16h: Left-hand rule
  • 17th: Winter mornings are pleasant
  • 18th: Cacti


  • 8th: It’s wrong
  • 18th: Circe
P3P all classroom exam answers persona 3 portable2

And that is all the answers for the exams and quizzes! Now you have one less thing to worry about as you progress through the game.

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