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P3P All Side Quests Guide – Persona 3 Portable

Take on the side quest by following this guide!

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p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable

I know that some of us get caught up in the main plot of the game to the point where we forget that there are side missions that we can also connect to. Sometimes we think that side missions aren’t that important because they offer lower rewards and occasionally the dialogues veer off the main plot, but some of the side missions are crucial because they help you out more in the main game. So don’t worry, today we’ll talk about some of Persona 3 Portable’s side quests!

P3P: Side Quests Guide

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable2

Although your primary objectives in this game are to level up in Tartarus and expand your Persona Compendium, you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking on side quests because they are typically rewarding and fun. Here are some of the best side quests you can actually complete in the game, whether you’re following with Elizabeth and Theodore’s requests or you’re just participating in the interests of the world around you.

Having a Good Heart: Feeding the Stray Cat

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable3

In the back alley is a stray cat that appears malnourished. Isn’t that good enough justification to undertake this quest? Even though it’s a really straightforward quest, you can’t help but appreciate it because it’s so wholesome.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable4

Simply purchase Super Cat Food, return to feed the cat, and wait for it to gradually regain its strength. Between battling shadows and finishing high school, seeing the cat grow stronger and nicer is just a great little reward in and of itself. Additionally, if you feed the cat enough, Yukari’s summer attire will be your prize. (The developers truly are a man of culture! Banzai!) 

Dates with Theodore and Elizabeth

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable5

Your Velvet Room attendant has no social connection, but they will occasionally ask you to take them outside to experience the outside world. These adventures are always nice diversion breaks filled with lots of lighthearted and humorous moments.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable6

The nicest thing about these dates is that they won’t eat up any of your day, letting you book them whenever you want without having to cancel other plans.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable7

Even while you may complete the main game without doing these, they significantly increase the slice-of-life feel of the game. Additionally, getting on a good date gets you gifts that let you combine particular Personas.

Doing What’s Right! Rescue Missions

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable8

People occasionally vanish and end up in Tartarus. Whether or not you choose to save these people is totally up to you, but doing so makes you feel good and provides a fantastic justification for grinding out a few more levels in the tower.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable9

Keep an eye on the missing person board if you are concerned about someone since those who aren’t found in time will be lost forever.

Become an Extrovert & Improve Social Links

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable10

The game can technically be completed without developing any social connections outside of the main group and the pre-written rank-up activities. However, ignoring this part of the game will simply make battles more difficult for you and take away much of the fun and heart of the narrative.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable11

Persona 3 Portable has a ton of amazing social connections, so it’s worthwhile to interact with them whenever you want. You receive a lot more stuff in different circumstances, and the atmosphere is noticeably more relaxed than all those Tartarus runs and full moon operations.

The Oden Juice

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable12

A girl who fancies herself an expert on juices attends Gekkoukan High. If you don’t disregard that information, she can fetch you some sweet Oden Juice, which you can then give to Elizabeth or Theodore. If you order a drink for her from Kansai, that is.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable13

It’s a fun little side quest that offers you more motivation to explore the grounds during your school trip to Kyoto, even though the payoff is merely some extra conversation and an outfit for Aigis to look like a maid (Maid Outfit).

Any excuse to make these pockets of straightforward and joyous times more enjoyable is a good one. Additionally, you have the option of buying all the beverages in Kyoto and stocking up on certain unique items.

Shadow Hunters! Hunting Gold Shadows

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable14

Rare shadows with the appearance of golden hands will flee when they see the player and their group. It’s a decent side pastime, but the fun and agony of attempting to catch them quickly outweighs the incentives for actually taking them out before they run off.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable15

In Tartarus, it’s also a great method to change things up when you reach a point when it becomes tedious.

Doing Part Time Jobs: Club Server for a Night

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable16

There are a lot of fun small things to do or find at Club Escapade, but a high schooler really has no business being there. Other characters include a fortune teller who provides a lot of foreshadowing, a pick-up artist, a cool monk (who also happens to be a social link), a lone drinker who also happens to be a Catherine Easter egg, and more.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable17

You must first fill the bartender’s drink orders before you can begin hanging out with the monk, Mutatsu. Protagonists are required to perform every job imaginable because it’s a busy night. It’s a fun little side task that will exercise your memory.

Facing Your Fears! Defeating the Reaper

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable18

In this game, death can take many different forms, one of which being the Reaper, who begins to hunt you and your team down if you stay on any Tartarus floor for an extended period of time.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable19

When you hear his chains, it’s typically better to begin rushing for a portal or flight of stairs, especially since he’s a very strong and dangerous enemy that can take out the entire party in one blow.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable20

Despite this, he is not indestructible. You might be able to defeat him if you are powerful enough and have the right Personas and talents. Killing him while Request 53 is active will get you the Bloody Button, allowing you to explore the Monad Depths, thus it’s worthwhile to pursue.

Beating the Ultimate Opponent

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable6 1

First things first, this is not going to be a simple task. Despite being one of the game’s toughest confrontations, the thought of it is only made more thrilling by how difficult it is. They aren’t dubbed the “Ultimate Opponent” for nothing, so be prepared for a protracted and grueling struggle.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable22

Prepare your strongest Personas and all of your special items for this one. It demonstrates how sometimes your friends may be your worst adversaries. You will receive the Omnipotent Orb, which negates practically everything thrown your way, if you survive this task (except Almighty damage).

Fusing Experiments: Valkyrie with Tarukaja

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable23

This quest isn’t actually the best due to its gameplay, in contrast to the other ones on this list. All that’s needed, after all, is for you to create a fusion that yields a Valkyrie with the Tarukaja skill. Your reward for finishing makes it one of the better side tasks to take on. You get a Torn Black Cloth, which is necessary to activate Pale Rider.

p3p all side quests guide persona 3 portable24

With so many Personas available, it might not seem like much to miss out on some of them, but Pale Rider is essential for fusing the pentagon to become Thanatos. This intensifies further because Orpheus Telos, the protagonist’s Ultimate Persona, was created with the help of Thanatos, one of the necessary Personas.

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