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P3P Social Stat Requirements

Become a reliable protagonist by following this guide!

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p3p social stat requirements

As a Persona fan who has played this game since high school, increasing your Social Status can be difficult, especially if it conflicts with your Social Links requirements. You may also find that Tartarus prevents you from doing so, and occasionally NPCs will request favors that will take up your entire day. But don’t worry, because today we’ll explain the Social Status Requirements in Persona 3 Portable (P3P).

Persona 3 Portable: Social Stats

p3p social stat requirements2

Even though there are less social stats in Persona 3 Portable than in previous Persona games, they are still just as significant. Academics, Courage, and Charm are the three main social stats in Persona 3 that need to be managed.

p3p social stat requirements3

Each of the social attributes has an effect on the adventure you’ll have, albeit Academics, Courage, and Charm have less of an effect and value in Persona 3 Portable than they do in the game’s sequels. Although there is a lot less to manage here than there were in Persona 4 and Persona 5, the five social stats are still crucial to your journey.

Academic Stat Raising & Uses

p3p social stat requirements4

Persona 3 Portable has two main applications for the Academics stat, which subsequently becomes known as Knowledge.

There are six levels: Slacker (rank 1), Average (rank 2), Above Average (rank 3), Smart (rank 4), Intelligent (rank 5) and Genius (rank 6/max).

p3p social stat requirements5

The Academics stat, combined with your own responses to select questions, is what first decides a portion of your performance on the Midterm and Final exams at school.

Second, you need a certain rank in the Academics stat to start a particular Social Link:

  • For Bebe you’ll need Rank 2 (Average) Academics
  • For Akinari you must have Rank 4 (Smart) Academics
  • For Mitsuru you require Rank 6 (Genius) Academics
p3p social stat requirements6

You can improve your academic performance through a variety of strategies, some of which are more effective than others. What are some ways to improve academics?

  • When given the option, choose not to nap during class.
  • Study like a Scholar: During school semesters, you can earn extra credit by studying in the library or your room. You won’t experience as much of a bump if you’re exhausted or cold.
  • Holiday Swot: You’ll receive a boost to your academic performance if you study at home or attend a film festival during the summer. If you’re exhausted or sick with a cold, the gain is decreased.
  • Feed the Brain: Eating sushi at the nearby Wakatsu Restaurant will improve your academic performance if you travel to Iwatodai Station. You can kill two birds with one stone by using Social Links here.
  • Become a Quiz Master by playing a quiz game in the Game Panic arcade in the Paulownia Mall. This game improves your academic standing. On Wednesday and Saturday, the Quiz game is offered for 1500 Yen.
  • Get To Work: Persona 3 Portable part-time employment is available at Be blue V in Paulownia Mall every weekday. The job pays you 4500 Yen and improves both your Charm and Academics. The Screen Shot theater at Port Island Station also offers bumps to Academics and Courage for 5000 Yen of effort.

Courage Raising & Uses

p3p social stat requirements7

A stat called Courage essentially measures your guts. To choose particular discussion alternatives and engage in particular interactions, you must have courage.

Timid (1), Ordinary (2), Determined (3), Tough (4), Fearless (5), and Badass (6/Max) are the six levels of courage.

p3p social stat requirements8

Depending on whether you’re playing as the Male or Female protagonist in Persona 3, the Courage stat opens up a few different social connections:

Regarding the male protagonist:

  • You’ll need Rank 2 (Ordinary) Courage for Mutatusu.
  • You’ll require Rank 4 (Tough) Courage for Mamoru.
  • Rank 6 (Badass) Courage is required for Fuuka.

The Female Lead’s Role:

  • You’ll require Rank 2 (Ordinary) Courage to defeat Fuuka.
  • You’ll need Rank 4 (Tough) Courage to defeat Mutatsu.
  • You must have Rank 6 (Badass) Courage to defeat Ken.
p3p social stat requirements9

Similar to the other two social stats, you can quickly increase Courage in a number of ways, however it’s debatably easiest to do so through working. Here are some recommendations for boosting courage:

  • The Horror House at the Game Panic arcade at the Paulownia Mall can help you gain courage. You could get a little braver for 3000 Yen.
  • Eat at the Wild-Duck Burger restaurant in Iwatodai Station and get the Mystery Burger to increase your Courage stat. Here, you can also take social links.
  • The Waiting Game: Paulownia Mall’s Chagall Cafe is among the top locations for effectively boosting courage. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you can work there part-time. Although the work also increases your Charm and Courage, it pays 3500 Yen.
  • Mandragora, a Karaoke Bar, is located at Paulownia Mall. Sing for the Moment. There, singing bolsters bravery. Kiryu would be satisfied.
  • The Film Buff: Attending the Film Festival during your summer break will increase your confidence, as will seeing a movie at the Screen Shot Theater at Port Island Station. Watch horror or heroic movies to increase your courage. A part-time employment at Screen Shot is another option, and each shift increases Academics and Courage.
  • Mystery Drinks: In the school hospital, you can sip a strange therapeutic drink for a few courage points if you’re feeling sleepy or sick.

Charm Raising & Uses

p3p social stat requirements10

Both the male and female protagonists can get some confidant ties through the Charm stat, however it’s also important to note that charm is occasionally needed for specific random speech options in both plot scenes and social connections.

p3p social stat requirements11

Plain (1), Unpolished (2), Confident (3), Smooth/Queen Bee (4), Popular (5), and Charismatic (6/Max) are the six levels of Charm. Depending on whether you’re playing as the male or female protagonist, the names change a little.

You must maintain the following Social Links until you reach a certain rank in your Charm stat:

Regarding the male protagonist:

  • Rank 2 (Unpolished) Charm is required for Nozomi.
  • You’ll require Tanaka’s Rank 4 (Smooth) Charm.
  • Rank 6 (Charismatic) Charm is required for Yukari.

The Female Lead’s Role:

  • You’ll need Rank 2 (Ingenue) Charm for Tanaka.
  • You’ll require Rank 4 (Queen Bee) Charm for Akihiko.
p3p social stat requirements12

There are only a few ways to grind out an increase to your Charm stat, which you already know if you’ve been reading this guide piece by piece. Here are some suggestions for enhancing it:

  • Coffee connoisseur: The Pheromone Coffee costs 500 Yen at the Chagall Cafe in the Paulownia Mall, and it increases your Charm stat.
  • Go to Hagakure near the Iwatodai Station for some charm-boosting food that will boost your charm when consumed. Here, you can socialize with your pals as well.
  • The Silver Screen: For only 1500 Yen, you may get significant Charm points by watching a number of French and love flicks at Screen Shot theater. A stat boost is also available for going to the Summer Vacation Film Festival.
  • Work at either Be blue V or Chagall Cafe part-time to boost your charm and one other social stat. Part-Time Charmer
  • Top of the Class: You’ll receive Charm if you finish first in your class on an exam at school, although this requires a high Academics Stat. In class, it’s as important to respond appropriately to questions; utilize our Persona 3 Portable School Answers guide to ensure you never get one wrong.
  • Smiling for the Camera: Play the Print Club game, which is essentially an adorable photo booth, in the Game Panic arcade in the Paulownia Mall. It will cost some Yen to enter and play around, but it is a really effective charm enhancer.

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