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MultiVersus: Movement and Recovery Guide

Learn how to move and recover from attacks here.




Games like MultiVersus have movements that can be learned to enhance your skills in the game. It will either help you offensively or defensively, or might save you when you are in a pinch. Learn how to use movement and recovery to your advantage here!

Movement and Recovery Guide in MultiVersus

These movements will help you become a better player in MultiVersus. Learning them will allow you to chain your combos fluidly and will also have a chance of not making your opponent make a move.

The movements that you will need to learn in MultiVersus are

  1. First is the wavedash. Hold down diagonal and dodge. You can cancel it to attack.
  2. Second is the fast fall. Jump, air dodge while holding down.
  3. Next is the air dodge. Jump, press up and either right or left, then press dodge. You can only do this 2 times in the air.

Recovery in MultiVersus

Below every character has a dodge meter that will slowly empty every time you use a dodge. When the dodge meter is empty, the dodge will turn into a dash and lose its invincibility. To regain it back, you need to attack your enemy.

The following recovery is called the air special. You can only have 2 air specials, which you can recover by stepping on the ground or touching a wall. Wall touch can refresh 1 air jump, 2 air specials, and 2 air dodges. You can use this when falling out of the arena with infinite air or wall jumps.

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