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MultiVersus: Big Buffs and Nerfs Coming With the Latest Update

Will the upcoming update change the meta of MultiVersus?




MultiVersus will have an upcoming patch next week, and it will change many of the game’s characters. Some of the characters will either be buffed, nerfed or both. The bugs and glitches found in the current version will also be fixed in this patch. This article will show you all the information you need ito know.

Big Buffs and Nerfs Coming With The Latest Update in MultiVersus

MultiVersus will have its Evo tournament, and players are asking for buffs, nerfs, and fixes to the game. The most significant upcoming updates highlight the nerf on Bugs Bunny and Superman, as well as fixing the hitboxes.

Changes in MultiVersus Meta

Here are some of the character fixes on the next patch:

  • The upcoming update will nerf Bugs Bunny by fixing the double rocket glitch.
  • The Batman grapple glitch will also be fixed.
  • The fix on Stevens’ neutral air attack is also included.
  • Wonder Woman will receive buffs on her shield activation, making it a bit faster from the ground side special and a slightly lower cooldown on her lasso.
  • Superman will have some nerfs. He will be given whiff recovery on some of his attacks.
  • The fix on the bugs of Tom and Jerry are also included.
  • Arya Stark’s face stealing bug will also be fixed.

Other fixes:

  • Hitboxes will finally be fixed in the upcoming update, which is a minor issue of Finn.
  • Players will now be allowed to buy characters in the free rotation.
  • The glitch where you will experience a black screen while loading into a match will also be getting fixed.

Expect more when patch notes are available.

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