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Melvor Idle: How to Get Seeds

Farming is an important mechanic in Melvor Idle, but to get anything out of it, you’ll need a lot of seeds.




Whether to get some vegetables for cooking or herbs to brew potions with, you’ll quickly realize how helpful farming can be in Melvor Idle. But, to even try your hands at it, you’ll need a lot of seeds and those are surprisingly hard to obtain in this game.

How to Get Seeds in Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle: How to Get Seeds

There are three types of seeds in Melvor Idle: Allotment Seeds, Herb Seeds, and Tree Seeds. Allotments will need three seeds to plant before they’ll start growing, herbs start growing with two and a tree requires one seed. Some seed types can be obtained using certain methods, but in general, there are three main ways to get more seeds.


melvor idle Woodcutting

When cutting wood, every so often you’ll come across bird’s nests. Opening them can give you every possible type of allotment seeds and every possible tree seed with the exception of Apple Tree Seeds. You can use Bird Nest Potions to get a better chance of bird nests dropping.

Killing Monsters (and Farmers)

farming melvor idle

Herb Seeds commonly drop from monsters, but if you really want to earn seeds by fighting, the best way is to kill farmers. They carry pretty much every type of seed in the game (except for Pigtayle Seeds, Poraxx Seeds, and Barrentoe Seeds) and you can easily find them in the Farmlands Combat Area.


stealing melvor idle

If you don’t feel like fighting, you can always steal seeds from farmers. You’ll only need level 30 thieving skills to successfully pickpocket every possible seed, but the resulting loot will be random.

Other Methods

If you have a mastery level 11 on a certain crop, you’ll have a chance to get back some seeds during harvest. Lastly, seeds can sometimes be found by opening chests and herb sacks. Though these methods are less certain, they can save you some farmer bloodshed in the long run.

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