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Melvor Idle: How to Use Potions

Potions are the bread and butter of most RPG’s, and Melvor Idle is not an exception. But for some reason, using the potions in this game is surprisingly counterintuitive.




Almost every skill in Melvor Idle can be enhanced using potions, but the game doesn’t really explain how you can utilize this mechanic. In fact, many players were able to craft potions before figuring out how to use them. Is it that hard?

How to Use Potions in Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle: How to Use Potions

In most games, you can simply press the icon of the potion you want to use to drink it. However, that’s not the case in Melvor Idle. Here, clicking on the potion icon will only bring up a small menu with an empty black box and am message stating “No Potion Active”.

Different Potions For Different Skills

Melvor Idle: How to Use Potions

In Melvor Idle, the potions automatically get assigned to the skills they enhance. So, to use them, you’ll have to first open the tab of the skill the potion is linked with. Then, you can click the potion icon on the top right and select which potion you want to use.

Potion Charges

Melvor Idle: How to Use Potions

There are a few more potion mechanics in Melvor Idle that work different than what you’d find in other games. Each potion in the game has a set number of charges and it will not be fully consumed until all those charges are depleted. Once you’ll use a potion, every action it enhances will drain one charge per use. Only after depleting it you’ll be able to equip another one.

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