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Lost Ark: Best Ways to Farm Gold | In-Game Economy Guide

Players need Gold to progress into the endgame of Lost Ark. What are the best ways to farm it?




Farming for Gold is easy if you already know what to do. Lost Ark has many sources of gold, but it can get overwhelming if you don’t know which ones to prioritize. For more efficient gold farming, we offer you this guide.

Best Ways to Farm Gold | In-Game Economy Guide in Lost Ark

There are several ways to farm gold in Lost Ark. You can either defeat monsters, sell items, or complete quests and events. Below are some of the best and fastest methods of earning gold.

Abyss Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids

Doing your weekly Abyss Dungeon runs and raids for all six characters, including your alts, will give you a tremendous increase in gold. If you play on hard mode, it will give you more rewards. However, be mindful of the gold cap for each tier. You may get the loot rewards but not the gold.

Auction House

You can sell several materials in the Auction House. Below are some of them:

Enhancement Materials / Unbound Materials

Sell your enhancement materials and your unbound materials. Predicting what will happen to the market with the upcoming materials also helps. For example, the upcoming Glavier will cause the prices of tier 2 mats to increase.


Sell your ability stones, accessories, and gems, especially the tier 3 ones that are of no use to you. Farm every day, fuse gems, and sell them in the auction house for a hefty amount of gold.

Adventurer’s Tome

Since a lot of players want to advance their tomes without farming for the requirements themselves, you can farm in their stead and just sell them those materials.

Chaos Dungeon

There’s a trick that a lot of players are doing in Chaos Dungeon. They just farm the first two areas for the gold portal and then leave after doing so. These rewards can be used at the exchange shop for tradable accessories.

Life Skill Materials

Unlock your life skills to farm more gold. These are Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating. Use these skills to farm loots and sell them in the auction house.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks are your daily missions in Lost Ark. The higher your tier is, the more rewards you will get. Complete them to earn Una’s Tokens, which can be used to buy the following chests:

  • Hefty Gold Sack: Can be purchased for 80 tokens and gives you 200 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar worth 100 gold or a Thick Gold Bar worth 1,000 gold.
  • Small Safe: Purchasable for 200 tokens and gives you 600 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar (100 gold)  or a Thick Gold Bar (1,000 gold).
  • Large Gold Chest: Can be bought for 500 Tokens and gives you 1,250 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar or a Thick Gold Bar, or a Giant Gold Bar (10,000 gold).

Rift Pieces

Every Chaos Gate drops up to hundred rift shards, depending on your tier. These rift shards can be exchanged for treasure maps. Purchase a T1 treasure map to farm Porch, Starbreaths, engraving books, and more. You can then sell these materials for gold.

Pirate Coins

Exchange your Pirate coins for gold or expensive materials at the traveling merchant. You can then sell them at the auction house.

Compass Events

Completing Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Island are excellent sources of income. Be sure to do them daily.

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