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Lost Ark: Battle Pass Might be Coming to The Game | Ark Pass Leak

A battle pass logo is seen in an official Lost Ark video. Is this the much-awaited Ark Pass?




The Lost Ark community is anticipating the release of the battle pass in the game’s Western version. Besides the hint found in a teaser video, a community manager hinted to players that an additional surprise is coming on top of the already confirmed content. 

Battle Pass Might be Coming to The Game | Ark Pass Leak in Lost Ark

The Korean version of the game already has Ark Pass, a tier-based battle pass where players need to level up each tier to obtain rewards. This system might be coming to its Western counterpart. Read on to know more about the existing Ark Pass and what players are saying about it.

Korean Ark Pass

The Korean Ark Pass has three tracks: Free, Premium, and SuperPremium

  • Free Pass – rewards are coins, pets, and a pretty cool mount
  • Premium Pass – all free rewards and in-game materials such as gem boxes, more pets, and a bunch of honing materials, costs 19,600 royal crystals
  • Super Premium Pass – all rewards from the first two tiers and cosmetic rewards, skins, wallpapers for character selection main menu, and some blue crystals, costs 49,200 royal crystals

However, not many players are positive that the whole Korean Ark Pass will be adapted as is. Generally, Western games only have two tiers in their battle passes: free and premium. Additionally, the Korean version costs way more, especially the super-premium pass.

So, some players are predicting either of the following adjustments:

First, let players buy the premium versions of the battle pass with crystals so that free-to-play players can enjoy the same benefits.

Second, they are suggesting removing the super-premium pass and integrating the rewards into the first-tier pass.

Third, they can include three tracks: free, premium, and super-premium. However, let premium be purchasable with crystals so free-to-play players can also buy them. On the other hand, the super-premium track can be bought with royal crystals since the bonus rewards for this tier are mostly cosmetics.

Most players are confident that developers are more likely to adjust the battle pass to cater to Western audiences and gear it towards free-to-play rather than pay-to-earn. This has been the case with many in-game features.

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