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Lost Ark: Best Methods for Making Money | Gold Making Guide

Everyone wants to be rich to buy the items and equipment they need.




All MMORPG shares a common problem: the need for in-game currency to progress into the end-game. Lost Ark is no different. Players need gold to do many things, such as purchase weapons, equipment, upgrades, and more. That’s why it’s crucial not to be left with empty pockets as you play. 

Best Methods for Making Money | Gold Making Guide in Lost Ark

In this guide, we will walk you through how to make gold in Lost Ark, including which items and loot to sell, the quests you need to do, the skills required, and other strategies that will generate you a hefty sum of gold.

Sell Gems

Since you’ll be getting tons of gems every week, might as well turn them into your source of income. Level your gems up to five and auction the ones which do not have the skills you want. 

Trade Skills

Excavating is a helpful skill in gold making. But since using trade skills to gather items consumes energy, you are only limited to a certain number of actions per day. And since you’ll sell your loots on the Auction House for gold, you’re burning energy to make a steady income. Never let your life energy cap.

Una’s Tasks

Completing daily and weekly tasks will reward you with points. You’ll then be rewarded with Una’s Tokens once you reach a point threshold. These can be exchanged at Gold Shops for Gold Chests. There are three types of these chests: 

Hefty Gold Sack: Costs 80 tokens and gives you 200 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar worth 100 gold or a Thick Gold Bar worth 1,000 gold.

Small Safe: Costs 200 tokens and gives you 600 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar or a Thick Gold Bar.

Large Gold Chest: Costs 500 Tokens and gives you 1,250 gold and either a Thin Gold Bar or a Thick Gold Bar, or a Giant Gold Bar worth 10,000 gold.

Pro-tip: Always go for the Gold Chest!

Additionally, Item level thresholds are critical in gold making since it influences a lot of elements in the game, including your Reputation. The higher your item level is, the more gold rewards you get after finishing some quests.


Adventure Islands

These islands are helpful in your quest to make tons of money in-game. While these islands always drop materials that you can sell, you should prioritize those with gold rewards. Since rewards change every day, always be alert and check if any gold reward pops up.

Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates are a massive source of gold. Clearing a Chaos Dungeon will reward you with special Shards that can be exchanged for Engraving Recipes, Stones, and other valuable materials. You can then sell them at the Auction House to earn extra gold.

In clearing Chaos Dungeons, always look for a party or create your own as it’s only going to be a waste of money. Just a tip, don’t upgrade maps to save money. Upgrades are only for convenience and don’t affect the gold rewards in those maps.

And oh, there’s a chance that a red or a gold portal opens after defeating the second boss of the dungeon. Entering them will award you with another set of gold, depending on its difficulty and your Gearscore. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should always enter the most difficult Chaos Dungeon available.

Ghost Ships

Ghost Ship raids are another source of gold in Lost Ark. It involves killing waves of enemies and a final boss to clear the ship. Once finished, you will be awarded with several highly sellable items, such as the tier 3 uncommon item Solar Grace from the Tempest Rewards.

Tripod Gear

Sell duplicate and unused Tripod Gears. Anything below +3 can be sold if you already have a +2. Use the proceeds from the sales to build your character. 

Selling Jewelry

In selling jewelry, don’t trust market value. Instead, take advantage of the search feature and use filters. You’ll be surprised at how you can sell other jewelry at a higher price compared to their market value, which is sometimes, nonexistent.

Other Sources of Gold

  • Tooki Island Runs
  • Guardian Raids

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