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League of Legends: How Challenges Work and Rewards You Can Get

The Challenges system in League of Legends allows you to gain Achievement Points every time you complete a challenge.




In League of Legends, there are over 300 challenges you can complete, and Riot is planning to add more. These Challenges will be presented as cards, which show the number of points you gain, and the corresponding rewards you gain after completing them.

How Challenges Work and Rewards You Can Get in League of Legends

Challenges are categorized into five namely, Imagination, Expertise, Teamwork and Strategy, Veterancy, and Collection. Aside from these, Riot also hinted at special, time-limited challenges that may pop up during events. Find out how challenges work and what rewards you can get with this guide.

Completing a Challenge

In each category, you will see big epic challenges called Capstones. These will indicate that you have completed all the other challenges below them. You’ll gain Achievement points for every challenge you complete, which also acts as an indicator of your progress in getting badges.

After leveling up Challenges to a specific rank, you can now earn Titles, which are displayed on the loading screen and on your friend list.

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