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ARK Survival Evolved: How to Find All 11 Artifacts

Artifacts are special items that can summon bosses in Ark Survival Evolved. You can also place them on an Artifact Pedestal for decorative purposes.




Mainly found in caves or oceans, Artifacts in Ark Survival Evolved can be difficult to obtain as you need to know where to look beforehand. On the Island map, you will know that an artifact chamber is near when you see a pulsating light distortion.

How to Find All 11 Artifacts in Ark Survival Evolved

A total of 21 Artifacts exist in the game, scattered across different maps. In this article, you can find all 11 locations of artifacts in Lost Island. These artifacts prove to be difficult to get as there will be enemies that you need to defeat in each area. Use this guide so you won’t get lost in finding them!

Artifact of the Hunter

You can find the Artifact of the Hunter with the coordinates (36.4, 16.0) shown above. There will be two cave entrances, it is recommended to take on the back as it is closer to the artifact. The coordinates to the entrance of the cave are 34.9, 15.4.From there on, simply follow the path and turn right when you see a huge pillar. Follow these pillars and it will take you to the artifact’s area.

Artifact of the Pack

The Artifact of the Pack is found in the coordinates 35.4, 32.2. It is located in a cave down the stream. Follow the stream and you will see the familiar pillar on your left side. The entrance’s coordinates are 34.3, 32.4. Once you reach the pillars, look for an area with cobwebs around the cave. There, you will find the artifact right in front of you.

Artifact of the Clever

The Artifact of the Clever can be acquired using the coordinates (26.3, 41.5) above. The entrance is located in a lush, swampy area. Go underneath the water, but be careful of the suckers. You will have to follow the pillars again as these take you to the artifact’s location.

Artifact of the Strong

The Artifact of the Strong is found on the coordinates 29.4, 54.7. The entrance is located behind the waterfalls, near the lake. Keep in mind that this cave will take you into a part of the aberrant biome so, make sure to bring in a creature that can help you. Follow the path using the pillars as your guide and you will find the artifact.

Artifact of the Immune

You can acquire the Artifact of the Immune using the coordinates (24.2, 68.9) above. The entrance is located on the Volcanic Biome, near the second volcano. Once you see the lava lake, head to the beach on the side and you will find the cave entrance (26.7, 70.1). Just follow the path and you will reach the artifact’s area in no time.

Artifact of the Cunning

The Artifact of the Cunning is obtained by heading to the coordinates (55.4, 73.1) shown above. Once you get inside the cave, you will need a glide suit or a grapple hook to get to where a shipwreck is. From there on, follow the pillars leading to the artifact.

Artifact of the Skylord

The Artifact of the Skylord is located on the coordinates (57.5, 59.4) shown above. The cave’s entrance is just behind the waterfalls. Enter the path on the right and head straight until you find a pillar near the stream. Head straight and you will find the artifact at the end of that path.

Artifact of the Massive and Devious

Both the Artifact of the Massive and Artifact of the Devious are found in one cave. You’ll need to go through an underwater cave and come to Lost Island’s version of the Ragnarok Maze. The entrance’s coordinates are 58.9, 47.4.

You won’t need an oxygen tank if you have a fast swimmer but beware of piranhas since there can be a lot. Head down and traverse through the underwater cave and you will be led to a tunnel where a pillar can be found. Follow that path until you get to the front door where the start of the maze is.

Keep an eye on pressure plates on the ground and don’t step on them. Once you get to the artifact, press the button behind the barrels to unlock the door.

The Devious is found at coordinates 57.0, 45.8 whilethe Massive is found inside a room with red flags draped. Press the button on the fourth pillar on the right to open the door.

Artifact of the Devourer

The Artifact of the Devourer is located in an underwater shipwreck on the coordinates (78.3, 20.6) above. You will need a scuba tank unless you have a lot of oxygen. You will also need a strong sea creature that can deal with all the enemies you encounter.

You may bring a hatchet or a pickaxe to break into the cargo hold containing the artifact. Swim down the ocean and head to the front of the ship. Get inside the crack and use your hatchet or pickaxe to break through and get the artifact.

Artifact of the Brute

The Artifact of the Brute’s location is shown on the coordinates (84.3, 80.2) above. The cave is located on a ravine at coordinates 82.7, 82.1. The place is quite dangerous so make sure to be prepared when you go through. Follow the path along the stream until you find a pillar, which will lead you straight to where the artifact is.

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