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Ark Survival Evolved: Can You Tame A Creature While It’s Tranquilized?

Trying to tame creatures while they try to murder you ain’t easy!




ARK: Survival Evolved allows you to tame basically any creature you find, but trying to do so while they attack you is no easy feat! Can they be tamed while tranquilized?

After all, the game gives you access to a variety of items that apply tranquilizing effects. Can we tame creatures while they’re affected by these items?

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything we know about taming creatures in ARK.

How to Tame Any Tranquilized Creature

Ark Survival Evolved: Can You Tame A Creature While It's Tranquilized? - Tranquilized dinosaur being tamed inside a trap.

To answer the question in our title: yes, creatures can be tamed while tranquilized. In fact, this is the most common taming method in ARK!

Most creatures can only be tamed specifically while tranquilized, otherwise they will be aggressive to you.

This taming method even has a name! It’s known as the “Knock Out Taming” method. This method can be used to tame a large amount of Dinos in the game without relying on the “Force Taming” command.

To use the “Knock Out Method” of taming, you will need to tranquilize your taming target by inflicting “Torpidity.”

Crafting interface showing Narcotics

Torpidity can be inflicted by using consumables such as Narcotics, using weapons, or using tools like Tranquilizer Darts.

Making a creature reach its Torpidity threshold will tranquilize it, making it docile. This is your opportunity to start feeding the creature with food they like, which will allow you to tame them!

However, do keep in mind that the Torpidity threshold is different for every single creature in the game.

Similarly, different weapons, tools, and consumables inflict varying amounts of Torpidity.

Hitting a dino with Tranq Arrows to inflict Torpor.

Also, keep in mind that most weapons and tools deal Health damage at the same time as they increase Torpidity. This can result in accidentally killing creatures you try to tame, so be careful!

If you’re struggling with the “Knock Out Taming” method, you can use an Electric Prod to deal with extremely high torpor.

This can tranquilize most creatures instantly and it doesn’t deal any Health damage. However, Electric Prods are single-use tools.

The dino from the start of the article, now fully tamed.

Nonetheless, now you know that it is indeed possible to tame creatures while they’re tranquilized in ARK. Just keep feeding them while they’re tranquilized to tame them!

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