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Solo Giga Taming Guide – Ark Survival Evolved

What’s the matter? Never had lamb chops?

Alexis Ongsansoy



solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved

If you thought the T-Rex from Jurassic Park was bad, wait until you see The Giganotosaurus from Ark Survival Evolved! Any daring adventurer worth their salt has probably laid their eyes on this beast before as it’s quite difficult to not see due to how big it is. The question still stands though, how in the world do you tame it? And how do you do it without becoming its next meal? Quite the daunting task, but don’t worry! With a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of fancy footwork, we’ll make sure that you won’t get bucked off in this guide!

Ark Survival Evolved – Solo Giga Taming Guide

We might as well do a few preparations before we jump in. You’re going to need three Metal Dinosaur Gateways, one large bear trap, a couple of primitive crossbows, taming food of your choice (we recommend raw prime meat or kibble), an Equus for mobility, tranquilizers, and a decent amount of narcotics. That should get you by nicely!

solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved2

Once you find your Giga go and plop down your traps, make sure it’s in a V-shape with a small gap in between. That small gap you left? That’s where you place your bear trap so make sure there’s enough space between the first two traps you left.

solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved3

Now for the fun part, kiting! Fire a few rounds to aggro the Giga towards you. Make sure you line it up in a way where the Giga will get stuck in between the two gates and activate the bear trap below.

solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved4

Give the Giga a wide berth and place the third gate behind while it’s stuck. Be quick about this, using an Equus will definitely help you seal it in faster.

solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved5

You’re nearly there! Once it’s trapped go ahead and indiscriminately fire all of your tranquilizers until it tumbles over. Don’t forget to pump all of your narcotics in it before feeding your meat to it.

solo giga taming guide ark survival evolved6

After a bit of waiting the Giga will cave in and will be all yours to mess with. And you’re done! That’s how you solo tame a Giga in Ark Survival Evolved. Now go and try it for yourself!

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Mindustry – Resource Flowchart

The Factory must grow!

Alexis Ongsansoy



mindustry resource flowchart

The one thing that you should always be doing in Mindustry is to make sure that the factory expands along with your defenses, and to manage your defenses you’re going to need resources, and to get resources you need sophisticated machinery, and to make machines, well. You get the point. The problem is, how do you do all this in an efficient manner? That’s where a flowchart comes in! Do not be afraid as we will explain how everything works from the most basic material to the most elaborate builds so you no longer have to worry which socket connects to where!

Resource Flowchart for Mindustry

Since the game is all about automation and using your imagination it can get quite overwhelming at times, especially if you look at all the lines in the chart provided below. Don’t worry though as a flowchart just shows the step by step process of a sequential order.

mindustry resource flowchart2
Source: Runi

One user from Steam was big-brained enough to make a flowchart of their own to make things a lot easier for everybody else who are either starting out or looking for a more efficient build.

As you can see from the image provided above your industry starts with your drills. You can have your drills gather products or resources like scrap which gives you the option to send that scrap to your Pulverizers or your Melters.

If you look again your scrap will produce a by-product called Slag, and that goes to another machine called a Separator.

Everything is highlighted in the flowchart, Extractors and Pumps are colored green and stand on their own, while the crafting machines are shown in orange. All of the end products are either transported to feed your defenses or go to a container block somewhere for future use.

Remember to use an Unloader if you ever plan to move the items in the container elsewhere!

mindustry resource flowchart3

At the start you may not feel the need to rely on a flowchart as you will be occupied by trying to wrap your head around the basics. But as everything grows so will the need to keep things simple and running. Many thanks to Runi for putting this flowchart together, if you require more information go and give the link a visit: Steam Community :: Guide :: ressource flowchart

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