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ARK Survival Evolved: Best Food and Drink Recipes

Custom food recipes are the best way to regenerate stamina and health in Ark Survival Evolved.




In Ark Survival Evolved, you need to use a campfire, a cooking pot, an industrial grill, or an industrial cooker to cook food. For meat, you will need a campfire or an industrial grill. Recipes, on the other hand, are cooked in a cooking pot or an industrial cooker.

Best Food and Drink Recipes in Ark Survival Evolved

Custom recipes are your best bet in regenerating health and stamina later in the game. You only need to place a blank note in a cooking pot or industrial cooker along with the ingredients you want to use to make a custom recipe. Hold the E button to access your options menu and press the Create New Recipe. Find out the best food and drinks recipes below.

Regenerating Health

When it comes to regenerating health, the best recipe contains the following ingredients: cooked prime meat, cooked lamb chop, or any jerky. Cooked prime meat is obtained by cooking raw meat at a campfire or industrial grill. Similarly, cooked lamb chop is acquired by cooking raw mutton. For any jerky, you need meat, oil, and sparkpowder in the preserving bin. The meat you need will depend on what jerky you want to cook.

Regenerating Stamina

For stamina, any Kibble is the best ingredient to use in your recipe. Although Kibble is mainly used to tame creatures, it can be used as an ingredient in your custom recipes and are great for regenerating stamina. You can obtain kibble by cooking in a cooking pot or industrial cooker. The recipe will depend on which Kibble you want to make.

Mindwipe Tonic

To make the best and most OP food, you can consume a mindwipe tonic and put all points into the crafting skill. A mindwipe tonic resets your Engram Points but does not remove experience points, which means you can just put your points back again to the skill you want. However, keep in mind that you can only drink one mindwipe tonic every 24 hours.

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